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beadhead24/7 11-01-2004 07:38 AM

which flies to use?
I fish small streams in ky and va. I'm a beginner and i would like to know how to know which flies to use. there arent many (if any ) fly shops around . Most of the trout guys throw nightcrawlers and corn. Iv'e had some luck with a prince nymph and pheasant tail nymph but dunno why they bite that better than others. Any info on getting started learning about the proper flies would help.


DEERHAAWK 11-01-2004 12:47 PM

Bug Doctor here......Let's step back to square 1 for a moment. First thing you should do is spend a little time down at the local river / stream. Walk along the banks and observe just what kinds of Hatches are going on in your neck of the woods. By that I mean watch what is flying around, crawling around, swimming around. Look in the shrubs and small trees that line the waterway for any kind of insects that might be potential food for the resident gamefish population. Pick up a few rocks along the shore and turn them over to see what is crawling on the bottom You might take along a small note pad to record what you see. Even if you can't describe on the spot what you are looking at, you can bring the information to the local Library and grab a few books on "Bugs" and see if you can identify those insects.
While you are there, see if there are any books on Entomology that you can thumb through. You can archive the site and find loads of info on this subject When you get an idea of what is "Hatching" in your area, you can better equip yourself for action!
With that said, you have a computer, there are sites you can visit to see flys that match the hatch. Kaufmans Streamborn, which I believe is a sponser of F.F.F has a good selection of "On-Line" flys. Just go to I think you will find what you are looking for. That"s where the Bug Doctor buys his flys!
Sometimes when the local fish have been given what we call "Garden Hackle" (worms, corn etc) They forget the Fly thing. But have faith, there are some "Flys" that resemble those things as well.
Anyhow, I hope that this at least gets you off on an exciting life of flyfishing! And I might extend a "Welcome" to you as well. This is a great site with members from all over the World to talk, share, and get ideas and info from!
Good to have you on board!

The Bug Doctor (alias, Deerhawk)

BobK 11-02-2004 06:28 AM

fly selection
You've done pretty good so far for fly selection. The prince nymph and the pheasant tail are "generic" flies that look like a lot of nymphs in general. Another good all-around one is the hare's ear. Another option is to try the same flies in a beadhead version (they sink better) and in "flashback" versions (for a little "glitter" - makes 'em look alive, and gives the impression of "motion without movement").

These will keep you catching fish while you learn about your local flies. Don't overlook caddis imitations and stoneflies if they are in your streams.

Another good fly to keep on hand and use is a wooly bugger in colors black, brown, and olive. It's another "generic" fly and catches fish most places.

Keep at it, it's a lot of fun!

BobK :)

beadhead24/7 11-04-2004 09:44 AM

thanks fellers
that site is helping me learn the right flies. I'm a biology major so identifying insects isnt that bad. i was mainly concerned with which flies mimiced a certain insect. I'll try that woolly bugger today actually after i get out of organic lab. thanks again

adam :biggrin:

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