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Eddie 02-04-2001 09:58 PM

fly lines
I was casting a 5pc. RPLXi #8 and a #8 GLX this weekend with a buddy. I had a S.A. saltwater taper and as usual the GLX was a lazer gun. Firing tight loops off the tip at the speed of light. My buddy had a line that will remain nameless(very stiff/tan/bonefish). The rod was ok. We switched lines and holy smokes if the GLX felt only ok, and the RPLXi was casting like it should.
This reafirmed for me the huge importance that a line plays with performance. So many people buy a reel and don't seem to care what kind of line the spool up. It makes as much, or more difference than what kind of rod you cast.
I have always wish rod manufacturers would recomend lines for their rods, but there are so many conflicted intrests.
The rod might be the engine, but the line is the car.
I guesse this is obviouse.

juro 02-05-2001 05:47 AM

RE:fly lines
Great point Eddie. That scenario really isolates the importance of the line choice.

I recently experienced a similar scenario with a Spey tip system. When I lived out west and used the systems regularly, I was tuned into which tips are which by color coded loops, etc.

When I went ba#### last spring to fish for big natives on Cascade rivers, I had to spend a lot of time changing tips to figure out what would work or not. Even changing the front half of the taper makes a ton of difference.


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