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juro 01-11-2001 06:40 PM

Something for this time of year....
Product Announcement from... <!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">Chuck Roast</a><!--url--> introducing a wader suit for cold weather fishing.

Did anyone say Pulaski?

juro 01-12-2001 06:30 PM

RE:Something for this time of year....
... which opens an interesting topic - layering for wading.

I like fleece under the waders because it retains very little moisture, is light, is warm and dries in a minute when you get out of the waders. The problem is in warm weather they get real hot if you need to walk out of the water.

Another option is polypro long underwear, a little lighter and cooler but very hard to get out of once you are out of the waders.

I guess it depends on the temperature when you start, in-progress, and finish fishing.

Cold-cold-cold - no brainer, wear the fleece and long undies

Cold-warm-cold - tough one. For river wading, I wear the fleece, no poly-pro - and sweat if long walks during mid-day are needed. For surf wading, I shiver a little in the morning and evening and enjoy the bulk of the day.

warm-warm-warm - fast drying material long pants with socks rolled over the cuffs under the waders. I may sweat / condense but it dries quick when I get out. I also prefer the zip-off pants to shorts.

warm-hot-warm - I start out with the waders over the zip-off quick dries but usually remove them mid-day to wet-wade in the shorts.

Experiences wet-wading: I haven't enjoyed the same level of success wet-wading as others may have. Jellyfish, small unseen parasites in undesirable places, sunburn, etc - all seem to interfere. There are places where wading to the shins is adequate, and I'll wet wade all day there - but where it requires tactical wading I've had bad experiences wet wading past the thighs for any length of time.

So this suit fits in the "extreme cold" setting... like mid-winter steelheading!

NrthFrk16 01-12-2001 10:38 PM

RE:Something for this time of year....
I wear Simm's Gore-Tex no matter what time of the year. I have yet to get a cold. I wear Simm's Polartec lined long underwear under a pair of of fleece pants. I had a problem with my feet getting cold, I was just wearing fleece lined smart wool socks. This problem went away when I started wearing large wool socks over my smart wool socks.

Im not super toasty warm like I am if I am wearing my 5 mil bootfoot but that is a small sacrifice for better mobility, no sweating and overall super comfortableness...if thats a word.

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