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timwatts 09-25-2000 06:03 AM

wader ?
River cleanup season is fast approaching and its time for a new pair of waders. Should I go with a cheap pair that I know will leak after two days or is it better to spend a few extra bucks for a more durable pair. My problem is mostly with the seams leaking from stepping over things and climbing up banks.

juro 09-25-2000 02:20 PM

RE:wader ?
Tim -

First of all, let's see how many of us can pitch in with you. We've talked about it for a while now, I am anxious to get involved.

Second, both extremes will work... and unlike most things in life there is a happy medium too!

Low end:

Bldg #19... for around ten bucks you can find a pair of leaky neoprenes that can be patched with aquaseal and if they explode you won't care.

High end:

I am confident that if you buy a pair of double-seam sealed neoprenes on the high end (simms, etc), Guide weight goretex, or the very expensive but tough top-o-the-line stuff the seams will hold. They also come with unconditional guarantees.

Middle of the line:

In the case of waders there are good middle of the line options nowadays. Redington has $160 breathables with unconditional warranties for four years. Hodgman sells them for a great price, Cabelas too - but not with the reputation for service that Redington offers. Another non-breathable option is the OS Systems wader for $149.00. It's tough as nails.

Why don't we write letters to wader companies - who could turn down a stream restoration project for PR?

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