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topwater 10-05-2004 11:03 PM

2005 Ocean Clave
there was some talk about a 2005 coho clave at neah bay. thought i would try to keep the topic on the front burner.

i know many neah bay lovers are out chasing other species far away from the summer tide-rips, but feel that it is never too early to start planning.

looking at the tide books and past history (peak fishing) i might suggest august 12th through the 14th as a great weekend. the tidal movement is minimal, which should mean calmer seas for small boats (less tidal current). the drawback is the rip fishing won't be as sustained, but i believe that's offset by the safety offered by less turbulent rips and a better chance for good weather.

i know it's really early to be discussing this, but i'd like to put together a first-rate clave that measures up and is a great opportunity to introduce people to world-class coho fishing and just a plain good time.

would love your thoughts and ideas. 8/26-8/28 also looks good tide wise, but numbers wise... first two weeks of august are damn hard to beat.

chris bellows

Big K1 10-06-2004 01:28 AM


Plan it and they will come. A salt clave sounds like alot of fun.

juro 10-06-2004 05:39 AM

DEFINITELY something we have been talking too much about and not doing enough to make happen!

Sounds like a winner to me. Lodging is booked very far in advance so it's never too soon.

One concern is availability of boat rentals... unless we can work out a flotilla.

Moonlight 10-06-2004 09:19 AM

Hey Chris your right it's never too early to plan and I concur with your plan either weekend would be great for your stated reasons. I would speculate that there would be a better oppurtunity at connecting with a King Salmon during the July weekend but there would probably be a few less Coho near the beach. Compromise is always part of the equation. I think NZ trout bum is on a trout trip but he early on expressed an intrest in something like this.
A gathering of folks who own there own boats that could pair up with a few other board members would probably be fun I can think of a handful of boats that are out there from this board and mayhaps there are more about. Anywho with almost a year to plan it out it should be a roaring event. Who knows maybe Chris will even be able to get his buddies in the North of Falcon process to have it open next year again!!!!!!!!!! :wink:
We will have to bring this back to the top once a month for a while to see if we can generate the proper response.

SalmoGairdneri 10-06-2004 10:29 AM

Neah Bay 05
I'm already thinking of 05 Neah myself. I upsized my boat in anticipation of next year. My wife and I made our first trip over the 4th weekend this year and I was out there with Bob on the last day of the season. 7 trips total. Good fishing - though the end of the season was a disappointment compared to the season end of 03 (which was crazy with big fish). It's all relative, you get to the point where if you don't cast up a couple dozen fish with ease, you start to wonder what is wrong.

That's Neah Bay.

Low tide change times gave some of the poorest fishing, but as Chris indicates, makes it easier to get out.

Count me in for that and many other weekends of 05. I anticipate that there will already be 2 folks in my boat. If needed, we could accomodate another person in the boat.



NZ Trout Bum 10-06-2004 12:02 PM

Either date is good for me. Should be out every weekend anyhow. May have room for one in my boat depending on which weekend. Can't wait.

On the other hand, it was pretty nice fishing trout in Canada last week. Big camlpfires at night, sleeping in, no worries about tides, no worries about wind and trout to almost 10 pounds or maybe a bit over. Cold though - 26 degrees one night.

topwater 10-06-2004 07:17 PM

thanks for the enthuthiasm.

the currents will always be an issue. my hope is that next year the further offshore fishing will be back on like normal, so there might be options besides the hard currents in the strait and just out from the entrance (and picking days off during these tides always means i get to fish out there.... yeh, a little greedy :lildevl: ). plus having the clave start on the 12th (friday) means i have an excuse not to work on my b-day.


the above dates are weekends with stronger currents if those might work better.

moonlight, as for kings... if the weather cooperates i think a trip to the prairie might be in order plus this year august seemed to be a productive king month if you could get through the coho (don't forget that next year the pink plague will be upon us).

as for boat rentals, i'm sure if we get enough people together, we could reserve the entire block of kicker boats at big salmon (of course, reservations have been unrelieable the last few years at big salmon).

i think that the cape would make a great base of operations and i'll talk to gordy about reserving a big block back in the corner i stay at. if we can get enough campers i think it shouldn't be a problem.

i think when buried in the snow this winter, i'm gonna look forward to sitting around a fire bs'ing about salmon and hoping the wind blowing is just the neah bay "harbor" wind :smile:

and juro, as i mentioned in the PM i sent you, i would be happy to work with you to have a raffle of some kind to help fund this great forum.

chris bellows

t_richerzhagen 10-07-2004 07:45 AM

Tackle for newbie
What would be the tackle for a newbie in this ocean stuff?

Moonlight 10-07-2004 09:12 AM

I would recomend an 8wt rod a minimum of 9'6' I prefer rods that are over 10' it helps to keep the fly above the boat and me ( not to mention the other fellow in the boat)! Any quality fly reel that will hold a fly line and 150+yds. of backing will do nicely. All this is recomended for Coho, if you want to fish Kings then you really should consider a big club somewhere from 10wt to 12wt. This because you are going to need to get down with big heavy lines and weighted flys and still have striking power but you will have a lot more action ignoring the Kings and casting comfortably with the 8wt for Coho!!!
Its a worthy venture this ocean fishing for Coho good luck.

SalmoGairdneri 10-07-2004 10:57 AM

Tackle isn't as important as just getting out there!

Originally Posted by t_richerzhagen
What would be the tackle for a newbie in this ocean stuff?

I made some suggestions earlier in the year.

Longer rods are nice for some things, but also a bit more of a hassle to stow easily in the boat. I was mostly using 9.5' & 10' RPL's this year, but 9' seemed fine too.



Leland Miyawaki 10-07-2004 12:17 PM


Count me in to do whatever I can to make this happen.

I am looking forward to next summer already!


topwater 10-07-2004 10:26 PM

i personally don't like rods longer than 9'... they make fish more difficult to land imo... but that's just a recommendation. if you have a longer 8 wt. bring it and fish it.

for lines i like a couple. for sinking line work, i prefer a rio striper line (350 grain). for floating and intermediate line work i like 30' shooting heads (i use the rio). i upsize the heads (fish a 10 wt head on an 8 wt.). i fish heavy leaders (15 lb) but keep them fairly short (9' with a floater is the longest). for dredging, a shooting head made from 30' of rio t-14 works great.

flies, i'm a clouser whore... so it's a chartreuse and white FLASHTAIL clouser. half and halfs also work great. for topwater flies i like a bob's banger tied with a trailer hook. find it slides far better than popper heads specifically designed for sliding... and will pop hard when and if you want it to.

i'm feeling good about the number of people interested.

i'll post more details as they become available.


Feiger 10-08-2004 10:58 PM

interest way out here in the sticks...
2 Attachment(s)
got a couple guys in central oregon and idaho that would be VERY interested in this... we got a taste of blue water coho up in alaska this summer, can't wait to tie into them again. we saw the posts for the Neah Bay area, making plans for next summer as well!!! If we could swing this clave at the same time, just a bigger bonus!!!!!!!

Moonlight 10-08-2004 11:29 PM

What Glacier is that in the second picture?

juro 10-09-2004 05:58 AM

We should include a friendly contest, everyone chips in two flies and the winner of the boat derby takes one set; the winner of the shore derby takes the other.

This is going to be a blast! :smokin:

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