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juro 12-11-2000 11:09 PM

Steely Fly Swap
I propose a spring native steelhead fly swap! Here's how it works - send in some pre-determined number of flies, say 6. Everyone gets that many back from the other swappers. I will photograph them and post them for all to enjoy. Please attach recipes or at least a good fish story with each fly.

Any takers?

Jeff 12-12-2000 12:51 PM

RE:Steely Fly Swap
Count me in. I don't know what my fly will be but maybe my Ronde Marabou.

We will see.


andre 12-13-2000 11:25 AM

RE:Steely Fly Swap

What type of timing are we looking at? I should be good for or so.


juro 12-13-2000 12:35 PM

RE:Steely Fly Swap
Either right away or 'tween.

Doing it right away would mean to send 6 from the spring tying you're doing, and getting some diversity in return to place in that spring native box before it all begins. Although the Cascade closures mess things up, we can still C&R on the peninsula and Columbia streams with these flies.

Doing it between April and June in the tween season is the other option. In that case we could submit a mix of spring and summer flies, those that survived the last season and those that bring promise for fooling the first summer fish.

I was originally thinking during the coldest part of the year... right about now. What are your thoughts?

Eric 12-13-2000 03:26 PM

RE:Steely Fly Swap
Sure: count me in.

I've got some screen door fittings that can be used for spring flies.



sinktip 12-13-2000 04:00 PM

RE:Steely Fly Swap
Count me in. Sounds like a great way to get some innovative patterns.

juro 12-13-2000 04:28 PM

RE:Steely Fly Swap
Eric -

Is Mr.Purvis still tying (silly question). What are the chances of getting him to partake in this swap? I have a few of his flies in my collector box... incredible.

Do you have his website / contact info?



juro 12-13-2000 04:31 PM

RE:Steely Fly Swap
C'mon Bill - you can find some <b>loose</b> time to whip up a few Spences Bridge tested flies even if you are a busy <b>bunny</b>. Three in a row on a greased line in a morning... get in the swap!

bill 12-13-2000 05:43 PM

RE:Steely Fly Swap
i'm feeling a bit like a fish that was cast to and caught - juro just reeled me in via email :)
i've been busier than the proverbial bunny but unfortunately not having as much fun as him. I'm so far behind in everything, including getting out to fish, that i'll have to cast my vote for the 'tween time, but if it ain't so, i'll try my best.

hey brian - how's the shoulder coming along?

Crusty 12-14-2000 06:19 AM

RE:Steely Fly Swap
Add my name to the list.


Dana 12-15-2000 03:56 AM

RE:Steely Fly Swap
I'll play too if there's any room left? Have we decided on a time frame yet?

Doublespey 12-15-2000 09:28 AM

RE:Steely Fly Swap
Yeah . . OK . . . Alright, sign me up!


juro 12-20-2000 11:17 PM

RE:Steely Fly Swap

I'd like to accomodate those who would prefer the 'tween time after spring natives and before the summer run - but that would be May. Let's do it sooner than that - how about *before* the spring fishery gets hot and heavy, like February 28th - a good two months down the road.

Please send those flies in to me by Feb 28th and I'll mail out so people will have them to try during the spring fishery. I'll set up a mail list based on the entrants and if you know anyone else with a hot pattern or two please invite them!

It's customary to include a recipe with your flies. Please let me know if you'd like the recipes kept in confidence (as in NOT posted to the internet) and I will only forward to the recipient. At least one should be post-able, they can't all be that hot

Altoid cans are good containers, inside a padded envelope, etc. An audio cassette case in a cassette mailer (avail at mailboxes) is another good option. If you send a flybox I will send it back with the flies you get.

You can tie 6 of the same -or- mix 'em up, no matter.

Enrollment is open thru February, so if you haven't already signed up please do!

Thanks and I will get the mail list started.


Juro aka. swapmeister 2000

juro 01-04-2001 06:46 PM

RE:Steely Fly Swap
Enrollment is still open... Kerry? Skookum? Tyler? or perhaps I could interest Tim Purvis to join us?

FYI - the mailing address is:

Flyfishing Forum
PO Box 58
Groton MA 01450

Looking forward to it!


NrthFrk16 01-05-2001 12:06 AM

RE:Steely Fly Swap
Do 'flies' tied on jig hooks with a x-large lead eyes count??? :) Even if they do not, you can count me in!!

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