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bigcat988 07-26-2000 11:08 AM

Waterproof camera
After 19 years my Canon AE-1 died.
I'm looking for a 35mm (waterproof) camera to replace it. I'd like it to be small so I can put it in a shirt pocket.Something that can be used at home or on the water.
Any suggestion would be a help.

Hawkeye 07-26-2000 04:01 PM

RE:Waterproof camera
I've no idea about the good stuff but they do make waterproof one time use cameras.

juro 07-26-2000 04:27 PM

RE:Waterproof camera
This is the one I use... thanks to Nick Svencer's recommendation at the BoneClave. I was using a throw away for all those pictures because I had just burned up a 250.00 camera in the salt water a few days before...

It won't fit in my short pocket but it solves the problem of ruining expensive cameras in the places I need to take photos. Great results too. The information is on the <!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">homepage</a><!--url-->

bigcat988 07-27-2000 10:45 AM

RE:Waterproof camera
Thank's for the link Juro. I orderd one this morning you cant go wrong with a Cannon, the one I have has lasted 19 years with out hitch and it will get repaired it has served me well.

juro 07-27-2000 06:52 PM

RE:Waterproof camera
It always gives me a little joy to come home and wash the salt off my camera after the rods, reels, and gear are done. Just something about it! The underwater shots, although I should take more, are fun too. Good to 17 feet.

I agree though, a little bigger than I would like but the trade offs are favorable. I am going to switch the neon red strap they give you for something a little more subtle for the flats.

TinMan 07-31-2000 04:58 PM

RE:Waterproof camera

This camera delivers some very nice clarity and color. However, it's not the kind of thing you want to submerse. I treat it like crap and it constantly delivers.

Eddie 08-12-2000 01:15 AM

RE:Waterproof camera
My favorite is the Nikon Action Touch. This is a terrific camera and I am always on the lookout for them. They are waterproof, bombproof and the pictures are sharp. The only hitch is that they haven't been made for 5+ years. Don't be discouraged. These babys last and I run into them every now and then( about$250.). If you see one buy it. If you don't like it e-mail me and one of my friends will buy it from you. This camera is almost a cult item.
While you search the world over for the Action Touch, get a Pentax Weathermatic. They are water resistand and take very good pictures as well. Eddie

Mattb 08-25-2000 11:35 AM

RE:Waterproof camera
A friend of mine has the Canon mentioned above and he loves it, the only problem is that the film counter is broken, which is supposedly a fairly common occurence but not a huge deal

I just bought a minolta weathermatic dual 35 which is about the same price as the Canon, but has both a 35mm and a 57mm lens that you can manually switch between. I wanted to go with a zoom, but waterproof zooms were prohibitively expensive, so this was the next best thing. I haven't tested the camera yet, but i'll post after the weekend with a report


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