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juro 04-19-2000 05:51 PM

Gaitor Tape or Tuck
For sand and surf, it would be nice to find a non-marking extra-wide adhesive tape to replace the velcro gaitor. For some multi-pc Spey rods, nothing can replace electrical tape for ensuring that the ferrules endure the torque of river casting techniques. Likewise, although I use the velcro gaitors I can't help but imagine that the right tape would be far superior in preventing sand entry into my scuba boots. The wonderful freedom of wearing scuba boots with breathable waders is beyond compare and I can't imagine going to boot foot waders in deep sand just to avoid sand in the shoes. The gaitors do a reasonable job, but there must be something better.

Another option would be a tuck and roll system like drysuits use... whereby the scuba boot would have a flap along the top edge, and the gaitor would somehow interleave it and roll into and over it so not particles could defeat the baffle.

Such an integrated scuba boot and gaitor combination would DEFINITELY get my dollar. Maybe what I need to do now is approach Sherwood with the idea?

bill 04-19-2000 09:14 PM

RE:Gaitor Tape or Tuck
i'd be psyched to find a pair of goretex bootfoot waders where the boots were scuba boots, with an across the top strap.

juro 04-20-2000 06:59 AM

RE:Gaitor Tape or Tuck
Wassssuhhhpp Bill,

As you already know, my big argument for stockgfoot is versatility with different boot configurations on the same ~$375 pair of goretex waders. To tell the truth, I can't even stand the 5mm neoprene stocking feet on summer flats, I know the rubber boots would be death march material thus your point about scuba + bootfoots. In fact the last time I wore boots on the sand was with you on the torturous walk to/from the inlet from the north side, while you wore surfer shoes. Since then I have found several pairs of scuba divers boots with various deck soles, side re-inforcements, tread designs, and have been a scuba boot evangelist. I have had walks with others that were just like the walk we made - when they said "where's the nearest dive shop?" when we got back to the parking lot.

My version of an ideal pair of waders would be the fictitious OS Systems breathables with the molded single pc latex stocking feet. Even better if they came up with an integrated scuba boot as I dreamed of above. I don't think a scuba boot foot would be durable enough on barnacles, rocks, sand abrasion, etc. The ratio of scuba boots to waders in the surf is about 6 to 1.

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