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juro 04-18-2000 11:08 PM

Ultimate Stripping Basket line minders
After a few years of tweaking and toying, I've determined that the best stripping basket doesn't exist yet and to get it I'd have to build it. Yes, the orvis basket is a damn good one, if not the best store-bought model out there. But the design I had in mind is completely different from the ones people use today, so the mission to build the noveau basquet begun.

This was all well and good but every time I went to locate materials ol' miss Rubbermaid would wink at me in a dark aisle and for a few bucks, I'd walk out of the hardware store with another forest green dishpan.

Now that I've gone as far as cutting two slots and threading a nylon mesh strap with quick-release buckles to the dishpan, I have resigned to the fact that I will probably never build the grandiose basket I envisioned, and so the next step is to ask the readership...

Which do you prefer:

a) the drop-in insert that converts the dishpan to an orvis wannabe?

b) weed-whacker cord?

c) what else have you guyz tried?

ssully 04-19-2000 01:17 PM

RE:Ultimate Stripping Basket line minders

I used cable ties. If I remember correctly Pete had pictures and directions posted on his web page.

marvin 04-19-2000 01:38 PM

RE:Ultimate Stripping Basket line minders
I used 3"-4" sections of plastic knitting needles for my last basket- heated at one end then flattened out to make a "nailhead". Gooped into place through holes in the bottom of a plastic container that's around 1/2 the size of the Rubbermaids. Worked really well, and almost never tangled. The Rubbermaid basket it replaced had extra large (2") plastic wall anchors secured through the bottom with SS sheet metal screws.

juro 04-19-2000 03:40 PM

RE:Ultimate Stripping Basket line minders
I recently received a call from a seamstress who has accumulated a number of those tapered nylon cones that thread and yarn comes on (fabric store). They are about 4" tall and nicely tapered, I'll probably cut them to 3".

I'll call her back and let you know what happens.

BTW - the plastic inserts are ~$10 and very easy to use, but the protrusions are a little less prominent than I would prefer. I would think that properly proportioned cones made of a durable plastic material molded to a sheet would be a great product to have on the market.

Anyone have connections in the plastics / molding industry?

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