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BobD 03-22-2000 06:45 PM

First field report on Monic Fly Lines
BNTC picked up a few of the Monic fly lines before last years fly fishing shows. I managed to get a demo line from the rep a WF3F. My first impression was that I wished they made a double taper in the lighter weights. I prefer to use slow action rods for my trout rods and thought the the weight forward was a bit much for my 3 weights and I tested the line on them all. I choose a bright sunny day at the swift for my testing. The line does disappear once it hits the water which made line control difficult. Where is my line? When should I mend, etc??? I also purposely casted over light colored bottom to see if the line casted a shadow on the bottom although the shadow was not as visable as a solid line there was still a shadow cast along the bottom which I used to mend and control line. The other issue I had is that with the coating you must attach backing and leader connections using either an albreit knot or one of those slip on braided leader loops. If you choose the later be sure you whip finish at least two times and apply some zap a gap. It anyone would like to try a WF3F I will gladly donate mind to the testing pool.

juro 03-22-2000 10:27 PM

RE:First field report on Monic Fly Lines
Awesome report Bob! Clever bugger that you are, I can visualize you using the shadow to track the line.

I left the 9wt Intermediate in the freezer overnight like Bob Goodale insisted, and it came out supple by the time you could strip it far enough to cast. Let's just say I have faith that it is a good cold water line

He also sent an ivory 5wt floater, cold water (freezer-proof) which is in the "pool" if you (or any Forum member) are interested.

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