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juro 03-17-2000 11:57 AM

Breathable Waders at the $150 mark
Breathables at this price point are getting fairly common (Redington, Ronny, Cabelas, etc) -

Who's tried them and what would you share with other FORUM members?

josko 03-17-2000 03:12 PM

RE:Breathable Waders at the $150 mark
I used orvis Clearwaters and found them pretty much useless. I was going through 2+ pairs per season. All credit to Orvis, they'd replace them for free every time. They finally 'upgraded' me to the hopefully tougher 'Pro waders' We'll see how they hold up.
One way to get cheap good waders: get Orvis, rip them up and bring them back until they upgrade you to a better pair

bigcat988 03-18-2000 10:24 PM

RE:Breathable Waders at the $150 mark
Last year I got a pair of Cabelas dry-plus breathable waders and am very happy with them. Ilike Josko would go through 2 pair a year so spending a lot of money was out of the qustion and Cabelas will stand behind what they sell. All I know is I would rather attempt a death march with them then the old heavy rubber waders of years past.

juro 03-19-2000 08:29 AM

RE:Breathable Waders at the $150 mark
On durability, the OS Systems (non-breathbles) I have are the toughest I've ever used and if the first pair makes it thru this season that'll be nine. They planned to do breathables a couple years back but last year I was disappointed to hear they did not come out with them as planned.

I'm gonna write them again to see what the status is.

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