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tomd 03-11-2000 09:30 PM

piranah reels
hi, did anyone else get a look at the piranah reels at the show? they were sweet. nice and light and a smooth cork drag, witha heat sink feature. not cheap, but not at able prices either... Tom

p.s. I still like those redington reels though

juro 03-12-2000 08:53 AM

RE:piranah reels
Sean Fields introduced me to these reels last summer. Knowing the kind of fish he tangles with out on Nauset Inlet, I'm sure the cork drag is up to the test. If I recall, for those of us who are incessant spool swappers there's a little more than a snap to deal with. The same could be said for the swapping spools on the new Bauer MX reels, although I fell in love with them right away and long to own one.

All in all, the explosion of reel options we're enjoying lately sure gives consumers more choices!

tomd 03-12-2000 09:57 PM

RE:piranah reels
agreed, there are some great toys out there. but financially speaking I will have to stick with my lamson 3.5 (but the lamson 4 in your booth almost got to me!). Tom

P.S. it was nice meeting you guys at the show.

juro 03-12-2000 10:20 PM

RE:piranah reels
I only wish it were MY booth! As you know I moonlight with Blue Northern but unfortunately, that motherlode of fly gear is way beyond my reach. I am also a faithful Lamson man like you!

In fact I am an incurable Lamsonite - I own five from loyal purchases over the years. When they first came out I was a Seattle steelheader and like many others fell in love with the meat-and-potatoes machined reel for the money. The clutch problem only hit one of mine after severe abuse from hard running fish, but they sent me six spares for clients and friends. I've only used the one over all these years, and the clutches fit ALL models.

I am not worried, the fish I've landed with these reels speak for themselves - if they could talk that is. If a fish ever talks to me it's time to take up golf!

steve moore 03-13-2000 03:39 PM

RE:piranah reels
I did have a chance towards the end of the show to spend a while checking out the Piranah reels. The neoprene-impregnated cork disk drag impressed me most. It was huge and solid like a good drag should be. The guys behind the booth kept commenting on the big heat sink, but I didn't feel there was really much of one there. I thought they were also a bit heavy (but so too are the Penns I use). I also thought their show prices were very resonable for the quality of the reel, and probably would have bought one had I been drinking heavily enough

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