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JohnM 02-11-2000 03:43 PM

Ok, if you ask every single SWFF(Person), you get a different answer in terms of how much and what type of backing to use for the following species:


Bonito/N.E. Albies



I would be interested in what everyone else thought of how much and what type of backing you should have for each of these ??

mccaff 02-11-2000 03:56 PM

John - I use a Teton 9-11 Large Arbor reel and have 150 yards of backing. It has had close calls with Albies but for Stripers and Blues it hasn't been a problem. I'd say:
Stripers/Blues 150 Yds
Bonito/Albies 200-250
Bones ???????
Tarpon 200-250

JohnM 02-15-2000 04:15 PM


I agree with you.....You know, I was one of those guys who thought you needed 300 yards of backing for everything and thus used larger reels all of the time. I got an eye opener last fall fishing for Fat Alberts. I hit the beach for 2 days with an Abel 3N with Gel Spun backing. About 200 yards and to tell you the truth, I was concerned that I did not have enough backing. So I cranked the drag down and went to a heavier flurocarbon tippet (20lb) and went at it. I was in Albie Heaven those 2days as I hooked over 20 fish from the beach. I did break off 2 fish (my fault as I was not paying attention when they hit) but did land almost all of the others. The biggest 11 to 12 lb took me until I could see the bottom of the gold spool and then came screaming back at me. What those days taught me is that as long as I am using the drag combined with the right tippet, 200 yards should be enough for anything (Not Tunas !!) that swims in New England. I am sure I will get some folks that think otherwise and would be open for feedback....

John (No longer the backing hog !)

juro 02-15-2000 04:29 PM

John -

Good topic... I feel comfortable with the 275 yds of 30 I get on my reels. This year's new investment, the Lamson LS 4, holds the same on a super drag and ultralarge arbor. It ain't a Charlton but at under $300 I plan to give it a road test on albies and bonito this summer.

I like a slew of other reels, it's just that this one happens to have my loyalty right now for price/performance. Jim Muprhy at Redington is making the choice pretty hard lately though!

Lefty 02-16-2000 08:22 AM

I got 2 spools for my Sci Angler System II 8/9. Both have 250 yds. of 30lb backing (Hi Bob!). I might have put on less if I had not started into Albies last year. So if you're going to go for Albies or Bonito, you need mucho: especially from shore where you have no option to move the boat if you get spooled. One or some of us will probably crack the 5 lb Albie barrier this year and get into the next bigger class...say 8-12lb. I can hear it now ....ZZZZz z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z.

marvin 03-22-2001 07:32 AM


You were certainly off to a good start in your quest at the end of last season!

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