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juro 01-23-2000 11:02 PM

Redington Reels
No surprise that the new Redington Reels were a hit at the weekend's fly show in Marlboro Massachusetts. I would assume you will be seeing it soon at a fly show near you. The pricetag sure made it apealling to a lot of people. It's aesthetics are downright swanky and it's price is unbeatable. People would look at it, tour he event, and come back to buy it. I can deduce without being a rocket scientist that this means there weren't many deals better than this one at rest of the show. (If you notice the way folks are responding to this reel at other shows near your neighborhood let us know)

Some didn't care for the way the drag grips but I think the true performance of a drag will tkae time to tell; others wanted a sealed spindle mechanism (like the Teton & Tioga, Lamson LS, etc). Despite these first impression doubts many of these same people ended up buying it before the show was over. I didn't have a problem with anything about it although I predict that someone will do some research on replacement of the factory drag discs with teflon / cork or comination of the two like Bauer's drag system. If such an experiment succeeds, the reel could very well compare with the $400 or higher class drags - for half the price. (Drag discs are super cheap)

Overall it has redefined the meaning of good value in machined reels. I look forward to testing it this season on some gnarly blues, small tuna (False Albacore, Atlantic Bonito) or big cow stripers.

(reply with your opinions here)

josko 01-29-2000 08:59 AM

RE:Redington Reels
I'd be very curious to know how the drag works out on those. Did you guys ever get around to checking out the max. lift and smoothness of the big reel? I'd argue that the mettle of a large offshore reel is all in its drag.

Ray G 01-31-2000 11:49 AM

RE:Redington Reels
I thought the reels looked great and represent a great bargain. The only problem, pointed out by another ff, was the frame has a very sharp point on the top. Pop the spool off and you will see.

Other than that, I think they are great and plan on picking one up for my trout rod.

Ray G

juro 01-31-2000 12:44 PM

RE:Redington Reels
Hi Ray!

Is this point something that is exposed even when the spool is on?

As often as I switch spools, it would still be important even if it is hidden by the spool, but to a lesser degree.

You got me curious, I'll have to take a peek when I am at the shop next.


juro 01-31-2000 12:54 PM

RE:Redington Reels
Drag test (inadvertent) - I strung up a 13/14 wide arbor on Sat. with the wrong backing. I had to get it all off, so I put an empty spool on the winder machine and held the reel with drag on moderately light. When I stepped on the pedal the line peeled beautifully off the reel so I played around a little with the settings, stopping and starting, etc. Combined with the consistency that the wide arbor provided, the drag discs were smooth the reel gave me a real sense of confidence that it would stand up to big fish. This was more of a test of over-runs, moderately set long run consistency, and some start-stopping. It was an assessment of how the reel would perform as a palmed fighting tool with moderate drag setting.

I did not test high-load / max-lift. Wouldn't mind it though. Hey Josko - how 'bout bringing BobD (Redington Pro Staff) and I out for some scary big stuff fishing so I can film you two field testing the new reels?

If and when we do these kind of tests there will be no bias on the results, we will always tell it like we see it for the good of member knowledge. That kind of policy won't get us much in the way of advertising dollars but it will sustain our credibility as a consumer's forum, which is the priority.


josko 01-31-2000 07:23 PM

RE:Redington Reels
You're welcome to come out. Can try for blue sharks in early May. they'll put a bend in your flyrod, believe me... On the way oout we can check out middle ground with your new squid flies

I'll be gone for the next month or so bvut will get in touch when i get back.

juro 01-31-2000 07:30 PM

RE:Redington Reels
Safe travels, and look forward to talking again soon. Hopefully the articles will really be filling up for you by then.


Ray G 02-01-2000 12:32 PM

RE:Redington Reels
Hi Juro,

It is when the spool is off. Mount the reel on a rod and pop the spool off. Now take a look at the reel and the top of the frame. It was definitely a little sharp as opposed to being rounded.

FredA 07-14-2000 11:31 AM

RE:Redington Reels
Well, I took an advance on my smoke cessation motivational fund and picked up a Redington reel just before Monomoy II. I'd taken a cursory look at the Tioga and the Redington and thought they were comparable. A closer look pointed me to the Tioga (sealed drag, fewer parts + favourable comments from many on these Web sites). Technical curiousty overcame technical judgement and I opted for the Redington. One concern I had were the use of detents for the spool click, drag click and the drag adjustment click (keep in mind I am not familiar with general fly reel construction). The fly shop guy advised that the spool spring click could hang up and there was even a spare pin and spring provided along with a tool. But he indicated it would hang in the down position, disengaged from the click plate.

Anyhow, the reel worked fine thru my vacation until my last two hookups. It even worked fine on the largest fish I've hooked to date, which got me into backing. On the next to last hookup the reel locked up (wouldn't let line out). I was able to land the fish (22 - 24"). I suspect the problem was the spool click pin hanging in the proud position against the indentations in the click plate. A thread on the Main board of Flyfishingsaltwaters suggests this is the problem.

An easy remedy in the field is to eliminated spool click pin and spring. That tool will be in my tackle bag instead of at home in the box.

Other than that I like the reel. I'll post on further findings.

Fred A.

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