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Quentin 09-05-2004 09:03 AM

Finally, a good sight-fishing day!
Well, it finally happened: we had perfect sight-fishing conditions on a day that I was able to fish :cool: . I took advantage of the situation and spent the day on the Housatonic River casting at carp. Got several small ones and had a brief encounter with a 15# bruiser that pulled free from the hook after miring itself in weeds. All carp were caught on a purple and orange berry fly. I also caught a largemouth and a smallmouth bass on a brown woolly bugger.

This particular stretch of river is loaded with tiny carp in the 1 - 3# range (plenty of BIG ones too :D ) as well as the usual assortment of warmwater species. The best part is that there are acres of flats where the small and medium sized carp come to feed. Sometimes there are too many fish -- you can't even cast without spooking a fish! This often starts a chain reaction and spooks all the fish in the area. I've seen a calm stretch of water suddenly look like a tidal rip because of all the wakes from the panicking carp :Eyecrazy: .


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