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silverbullet 09-02-2004 06:42 PM

MI kings??
I have my first trip planned for salmon on the flyrod next week. Any tips for a newbie to the salmon? I have done steelhead for 20 yrs and only 5 on the fly. Will be about the same?


removed_by_request 09-04-2004 10:33 AM

What river(s) will you be fishing?

That would help us out a bit.

One thing for sure these fish are real brutes, a 9w rod is a mandatory piece of gear. Add some 10-12# maxima green for leaders and you are set.

I have had my best luck with dark flys, black, purple, and olives seem to work best for me anyways.

Resist the temptation to run your fly thru the pods of fish, you will foul 99.9999% of them. Fish the darker water below the pods, you will be suprised with fresh run kings, browns, coho, or even a steelhead or 2.

silverbullet 09-04-2004 12:44 PM

I will fishing manistee and above rivers.Betsie, platte. I am planning on egg patterns as most of the flies right now. Should I go to something different? I talked to a guy earlier today and he stated that "I was going snagging" This is far from my intent. I am not one for fishing the pods so to speak. I like The unexpected far more. I love the dark water for steelhead so I would imagine the salmon are the same way. Hope this adds more insite to my excursion.

Oh yeah, I do plan on indicator fishing but not opposed to anything else. I am takiing a few speys along as well to swing thru the dark stuff.


removed_by_request 09-09-2004 04:00 PM

Egg patterns take a ton of fish, as do nymphs, caddis, and smaller speys.

If you go to the Big Man try to avoid Tippy dam, that place is loaded with liners/snaggers. Those guys rip and strip the salmon like mad.

Wellston (on the Big Man) has a great flyshop, the owner is very concerned about the fish and fishermans ethics. Please PM or e-mail if you need contact info up there.

The Betsie is nice but can be crowded at times especially around the Homestead dam. Grab a DeLorme and do some exploring.

Nice thing about many Michigan rivers is that you can access water running thru land that is posted no tresspassing. You have to keep your feet wet to do it.

If you are avoiding fishing thru pods of fish and fishing the darker water behind them you will legally hook more fish then you can handle. Timing is the key part, after a good spate of rain is your best bet for latching onto some stud fish.

Enjoy yourself and please post the results of your trip.

silverbullet 09-16-2004 07:14 PM

Well here's the report to the trip up north. We fished both sunday and monday and I was able to hook around a dozen fish, only landing one fish of about 15 lbs on sunday. Monday brouhgt another day with fewer hooked and again 1 landed.
We(3 of us) hooked a fair number combined but only landed 4 fish total. Nothing better than getting your butt kicked by a fiesty king. I'll admit it was a fun experience but one I won't do again for some time. The scenerywas absolutley wonderful in upper michigan.


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