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tony j 09-01-2004 12:28 PM

Cape Cod in September?
Hi everyone,

I've just discovered what a mine of information you have here and would like to pick your brains if that's ok.

I'm heading to New England for a couple of weeks in the coming month and will probably be on Cape Cod for a few nights arriving around Sept 18th or 19th. I'm just wondering where might be a good affordable place to stay - walking/casting distance to water required! I'm traveling with my wife so a location where she can be dumped whilst I'm out and about would be great (for example near beach or shops would be ideal...) I was thinking that Orleans or Chatham might be a good place to start looking but any other suggestions are welcome.

Also, lastly and most importantly, where would be a good place for a complete striper newbie to start?

Thanks for your patience guys,


FredA 09-02-2004 06:25 AM

Bringing this back to the top.

There's a place on Main Street in Chatham that, I believe, Adrian stays at thats a short walk to Chatham light and to points above the light (Claflins). Also, it's right in the middle of a quaint villag/tourist trap with plenty of shops for your wife to spend your money in. Forgot the name. The Stone Horse in Harwich is reasonable but will require a short drive to get to the water. I'm sure others will chime in.

Paxton 09-02-2004 07:25 AM

Tony, I would highly recommend Chatham. Try the Surfside Motor Inn in is at the end of Main St in Chahtam, 100 yds from the water, 10 minute walk back to town for shopping. Not cheap, but nothing is in Chatham....that time of year, probably $90-95 per night. Not fancy, but clean....has an "old inn type atmosphere".
It's a 10 min. walk to the Lighthouse area.
Better than that.....if your wife likes a beautiful beach....get in the car, go about a mile beyond the lighthouse on Morris Island Rd. to the Rip Ryder water taxi shuttle to South Beach...about 4 to 5 miles of unspoiled, population free shoreline, with tons of seals for your wife to watch. It a long fishing on one side, at least 3 miles of flats fishing on the other....only a 5 minute walk anywhere from surf to flats. Round trip is $10 each....runs 8 to 4....pick ups in between per Captain Keith's my is heaven!!!! Look up Rip Ryder in the sponsor section of this site.

Adrian 09-02-2004 08:35 AM

The place I've stayed at is the Dolphin Inn. Nice because everything is within walking distance - turn left for fishing, turn right for clams and cocktails :smokin:

tony j 09-03-2004 07:40 AM

Thanks for the info.

Looks like Chatham it's gonna be..

Is Chatham still busy in mid-September or will I get away without advance reservations? I'd guess weekend accommodations would still need to be booked in advance?

Must go now - have a bunch of clousers to tie!

Thanks again,


Adrian 09-03-2004 08:24 AM

Advance booking is recommended - but shop around for the best deal

Jim Miller 09-03-2004 10:19 AM

The family & I stay at the "Hawthorne". Right on Chatham Inlet at Clafins beach. Nice diggs and easy walk to town. :)

juro 09-04-2004 08:02 AM

Orleans is very nice, the surf fishing on Nauset is top rate. But Chatham is the place IMHO. Its got it all - surf, tidal inlet, flats, bay, kayaking spots, national seashore, wildllife refuge with sight fishing - everything. I like the Stonehorse a lot, give Matt a call - he takes good care of Forum members. We do a spring clave there. It's a few minutes down the road, but as others have suggested you can also stay right in the thick of things depending on your budget.

There will be lots of bait in the area then (already thickening up) and the fish will be fattening up for the fall run. Look for moving water and bait (indicated by birds) and your line should stay tight.

Good luck!

Penguin 09-04-2004 08:15 AM

Another suggestion...
Early on, consider a day of guided (Juro) fishing...It will set you up (Juro) to strike out on you own on subsequent assaults (Juro) and give you the best opportunity to tangle with some phat Stripes (Juro)...
I'm sure you can come up with someone who can steer you in the right direction...Money well spent! :D

And...Remember to drive your rental on the "other" side of the road! :hihi:

tony j 09-27-2004 08:27 AM

Well I made the trip.. and I did manage one striper (not the world's biggest I should add) Unfortunately I arrived on the Cape on saturday Sept 18th to find it under seige by the remnants of hurricane Ivan. Spent the following day taking part in wife-friendly activities but got out to Hardings beach on the monday where I managed to lose what felt like a foul-hooked subway train when the my flyline looped itself round the button on my shirt cuff! Lots of funny looking blue-colored fish whizzing around my ankles when I was wading, could it have been one of these I hooked I wonder?

Tuesday morning I got up bright and early to find fish showing off the beach about fifty paces from my hotel room - it was one of these I finally landed.

So one fish to show for all my blisters (I'm more used to a 4 weight trout rod than the broom handle I've got for the salt!!) but I've got the bug now. I thought hard about getting a guide but in the end (partly because I'm cheap and partly because I rather like muddling on by myself in my own sweet way) I decided to go it alone. Perhaps next time I'll do it differently..

Anyway, thank you all for you help and advice, I'm going to go away and practice my casting and perhaps get back next year.

Best regards,

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