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pcknshvl 08-27-2004 11:22 AM

Action Improving in Puget Sound
More and more people are showing up at Seattle's Lincoln Park in the early mornings... With many fly fishers throwing all manner of Clousers, baitfish and poppers. Gear guys, too. I've enjoyed the heart-stopping excitement of having fish follow my popper in--even caught a small silver the other day.

The current issue of Northwest Fly Fishing has an article about open ocean fishing in Neah Bay (NW Olympic Penn, WA).

What a fun, fun fishery!


sean 08-27-2004 11:26 AM

Still really hit or miss but I am having a ton of fun fishing the atlantis. Love that extra 30-40 feet of popper retrieval one gets with this rod :lildevl:

Good thing golden gardens is walking distance from house now that I am carless.

It should really start happening any time. All those fish out at Neah bay are streaming our way. Really good tides over the next few days should help as well.


mattzoid 08-27-2004 11:59 AM

Been out a couple times to several beaches north of Seattle and I am noticing the same thing. North Sound is becoming very fishable. A lot of action and they are in close to the beach. They must be smelling that fresh water coming down the rivers. Going to have to bust out the floater head for my Talon. Really want to check out the top water action.

Dizane 08-27-2004 02:57 PM


You're definitely right that action is picking up in the Sound. Too bad its right when I gotta leave for school. Oh well, catch a few fish at the park for me.


Olyfly 08-27-2004 03:50 PM

I hit Pt Morrowstone (Fort Flagler) last weekend and although I didn't connect, quite a few of the gear guys were putting fish on the beach. It was definetly better on Sunday than Friday or Saturday, so it would appear the rains brought in a bunch of fish. Will only start to get better from here on out! :biggrin:
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