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Poogs 08-23-2004 10:56 PM

Hello, a little help?
I am loooking for a reeeeal cheap combo that i can go trow around in my backyard and in the local lake, any suggestions whats ou there, i eamn im lookign at those 40 $ combos from dicks that shakespeare makes. I was wondering if thos eare even wrth it, i was looking to do some bass fishign with it here in new jersey, what weight should i get and whats the minima weight to go into the bay with
i wanna do bass fishign and small torut fishing seeing theres nothign here in NJ that many locals know about

im thinking a 5.6 wt. 8 foot 6 pfuleger combo, my m8 has the Cabelas Genesis 5 wt combo and says its fine for the bass fishing here
i fish a ton but never fly,,,

thanks all

juro 08-24-2004 05:20 AM

I have no experience with such economy outfits but I can offer a word of advice:

if you are serious about flyfishing it's cheaper to buy a better brand in the long run. Most of us have several rods 'retired' in the garage that we are not happy with and one that we are. If you add the price tags together there are several times the dollars spent getting there. And a top brand can be re-sold for good money if you decide to quit.

If you are not serious, well then buy low and take your chances. My experiences with bargain outfits has been very bad, but you might get lucky.

Poogs 08-24-2004 09:36 AM

yea i have reconsidered and looked into better products that are a little more pricey but still reasonable cheap like this cabelas reel and remington rod

Morania 08-28-2004 02:11 PM

Budget is ok
First you have to row a little boat....then go sail the sloop.
The economy models don't have to sit in the garage. They become the rods for people to borrow as you spread the word.
The last post was right on when he said you might not stay with it. Then again you could get a bit of your money back for the better used rig. Who knows.
If you find out you can catch fish and if you get a decent cast with the budget rig, then it's a sure bet you'll slay 'em with your upgrade.
Just my opinion. I never take the easy route. It's boring.

silverbullet 08-28-2004 11:15 PM

SUre, you can go with a budget set-up and catch fish. I started steelhead fishing 5 years ago. At that time i picked up a scientific anglers 6 wt kit for all of 60 bucks. I used this rod for one season and caught a bunch of fish on it. I still have it and use it on occasion but mostly lend out to first timers. Now I have added 4 other rods,6 reels and my last fly line cost's more than my first outfit for comparison. So i would say go out there, buy the outfit to get started and upgrade once you find you like it. Happy fishing.

PS, take your time casting, it doesn't have to be fast or powerful.


Poogs 08-29-2004 05:36 PM

k kthanks all i mlookign at 7 weigh for very light saltwaster fishing is this to heavy of a wght for bass and maybe trout

Jake_R 08-29-2004 06:32 PM

7wt wonders
the seven wt. for me has been the stop-gap between the six and eight its easier to cast allday than the eight but has more back bone than the six,if your talking about nine foot rods.
i found a rod from cabelas that is the best of that whole spectrum its an eleven foot six weight the 1106-3FT.its a combo that comes with the anodised alum. big arbor sr2 reel and a legit wf.floating line . its a good bass rod with lots of backbone for the money (like 265.00).dont get it confused with the float tuber series. the F/T has a higher modulus than the float tuber therefor makiing it a faster action rod.
check it out and good luck.

Poogs 08-29-2004 07:50 PM

k thanks

ilkl reconsider everythiong

Quentin 08-29-2004 08:02 PM

I bought one of those $39 Pfleuger 5wt outfits. It works ok, I've caught plenty of nice fish on it, and I still use it occasionally, but it's just not as nice to cast as my other rods and even they are on the low end of the scale ($79 and $149 for the rods only). If you really don't know whether you'll like flyfishing, then the cheap outfit will give you a chance to try it without dropping a lot of cash. If you do get one of those combos with everything included you may want to buy a better fly line. The one that came with my outfit was completely useless.

Have fun!


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