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MarkDoogue 01-29-2001 11:49 PM

Mark Doogue
Hello, my name is Mark, and I'm a lurker..........

I think you get the point. I've been told that realizing you have a problem is the first step on the road to recovery.

I'm an absolute newbie to this wonderful sport but I'm willing to learn all that it has to offer. I fished with my father and brother as a child, mostly fresh water, exclusively with spinning gear. As time went on I gravitated away from fishing and submerged myself in the world of golf. There were years that I played 100+ rounds, back before Tiger Woods, when the courses were empty and greens fees were $9 for people under 18 years of age. I continue to maintain that there is on better feeling on God's green Earth than a three hour stroll, alone on a golf course with no one to compete against other than yourself. You'll never strike a ball as purely when you are with others.

The escalating popularity, and in turn, the cost of golf necessitated a re-evaluation of my priorities. With the purchase of a house and the talk of children comes the realization that money is a valuable commodity that ought not be squandered. Even more precious than money was my time, and golf was devouring it. Between painfully slow six hour rounds, travel back and forth from the Cape, then lunch and drinks, I found myself away from my family for 8-12 hours on the weekends. I needed an activity with lesser time constraints that would also sooth the stresses that every day life fostered. A return to fishing seemed to be the answer.

Around this time I was fortunate enough to come into some money, so I bought myself some fly fishing gear and set out to change my lifestyle for the better. I planned on fishing the early morning hours, leaving the "meat" of the day to spend with my wife. I figured fly fishing would give me a chance to spend time with my father and brother again, as well. Both are amazing men in their own right and I cherish any and all shared experiences with them. One problem, it seems life threw me one curve after another so that I was done fishing before I had even started. The arrival of my son has managed to turn me on my ear. Any time that I thought I might have quickly went out the window. My goal this year is more efficient time management with an emphasis on fishing. My lurker status in not by choice, believe me. I fully intend to spend some time with the wonderful folks on this board and truly become a fisherman, not just a person that fishes.

There is an art to everything in this world that is worth doing. My mission is to discover and define my style in the world that you gentlemen already flourish in.

Thanks for your time,

~Mark Doogue.

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