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Tod D 02-11-2000 10:31 PM

adding to the profiles...
Guess it's about time I added to the profiles...

Tod Dillon, MA native, raised on the South Shore; currently live west of Boston and work downtown. Dad had me fishing for largemouth bass & blues when I was barely out of diapers. Fished less and less as I went through high school & college. About 8 years ago, my wife - then girlfriend - made the mistake (in her eyes) of letting me go to Rangeley with her dad and some friends. Thanks to my father-in-law, a crack outdoorsman and a terrific teacher, I learned how to flyfish and by most objective standards have become a bit of a fanatic. Started tying flies about 2 years ago and am starting to develop some proficiency.

Up till last summer, spent the majority of time fishing freshwater in MA, ME & CT. Had the good fortune to go to Labrador last year. Juro - you may recall I came into BN one frosty February Saturday in 1999 looking for some fur to tie up some lemmings and mice (also brought in a 6" sample). You picked out some fine deer & muskrat that did the trick. The "dry" flies worked & I've got some pictures to share at some point (maybe the SW tying clave next week...). Beautiful country and beautiful fish. Hope to get back someday with my sons when they're older.

Last May I trekked out to Black's Creek in Quincy to give the salt a go. I've seen the proverbial light: 1st time out I got into a single schoolie that I would have sworn was 40 lbs the way it tore line of the reel; what a rush. Before that day, I used to regret spending 4 years of college in Maine and not availing of all the terrific freshwater at my doorstep. I'm became doubly regretful as I added to that all the salt opportunities I missed as well. Oh well, no use dwelling on the past with the spring thaw fast approaching...

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