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JOS'E 04-03-2000 05:51 PM

Fly Tying
As an amateur fly tier I am always trying different
things, as I'm sure most do, this tip is about thread control, I have found when the thread wants to twist away from the material I'm tying the fly with, that if (for right hand tiers) you let the bobbin hang by the thread and give it a twirl "Counter clockwise" looking down on it, let it spin a few seconds, and when you start tying, the thread will literally jump up over the feather or material that you are tying in. For left handed tiers you would spin the bobbin "Clockwise" You control the way the thread handles by the length of time you let the bobbin spin.

juro 04-06-2000 02:04 PM

RE:Fly Tying
Cool tip, I'll try it out. This would be really handy when tying materials that require resetting of the thread vector over the wrap, in other words to position it before continuing and tightening. I've recently gone back to tying with finesse after a season of striper flies - because of the journey to the northwest. I remembered how accurate the thread placement needs to be when tying Spey flies, etc. This is only magnified when applied to trout flies.

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