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mayflyman 08-15-2001 08:21 AM

Top 3 fly patterns
What are YOUR top three fresh water fly patterns?
To me, a top pattern is one that catches "all" fish, not just a target fish...
My choices are....
1. Kauffman's stone
2. Dahlberg diver (any color)
3. Letort cricket
I have caught more fish with these patterns than all others combined... :-)
Please post your top 3's.

juro 08-15-2001 08:51 AM

Tough when you consider "all" fish, trout don't hit poppers (hmmmm) and the sunfish beat the bass to the dries 99%

- any sedge dry fly, elk etc.
- black marabou wooly bugger
- tan biot beadhead nymph

Not the 'elegant' fly list, but meat and potatoes dry, streamer, nymph. I also factored in steelhead with trout and warmwater species in this list (no saltwater considerations per your question).

bigcat988 08-15-2001 10:42 AM

Muddler Minnow,Stonefly Nymph,HornbergStreamer.
If I only had one choice it would be the Muddler.

Adrian 08-15-2001 01:18 PM

I've not done much Freshwater fishing in the US and none at all over the past six years (total S/W junkie). My favorite all round trout fly was a traditional Silver Invicta, size 10 with a mudler head. Grease it & fish it dry, sink it for a streamer and best of all, grease the head and strip it accross the surface at dusk for some explosive action during the sedge hatch! Worked well for me in England, Ireland Scotland and Wales - rivers and stillwater.

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