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saltydog 04-22-2001 08:43 AM

If anyone is interested. I have a new DISPLAY CASE
on the counter at the shop to display flies that (customers have tied),if anyone is interested in bring there fly down an put it on display for all to see your welcome to drop by.if you want to mail one in you can do that also w/your mane.the case will hold about 50 flies on each side,an plenty of room for small,BIG flies.

striblue 04-22-2001 09:16 AM

Saltydog, that sounds great.. I will stop by and show you a crab fly I think I developed. I call it the "crab apple", I will just say that for the top of the fly I use Pheasant neck feathers... Looks real. Would you let me know what your hours are? thanks.

juro 04-23-2001 10:07 AM

Rich -

I'll put a few in there. Funny, I was thinking recently about starting a fly exhibit consisting of Forum member's flies to bring around to fly shows someday, like the Flyfishing Museum does. It would be a great full-time job accumulating flies and attending fly shows around the world! (one can dream, can't he?)

BTW - I called Sat am but it sounded like there was a Cape beaches research project going on ;-)

saltydog 05-31-2001 05:18 PM

GUYS SORRY for taking so long in getting back anyone is welcome to bring a fly down to putin the case it's FULL now BUT I can CHANGE it at any time so COME ON DOWN!
JURO, Im going to send you a few pick of some flies if you can put them up for all to see,an COMENT on.also one special for BOB.P. the french fry fly hope everyone is enjoying this season,Ill be on the vinyard next week end so if anyone is around ill be wearing a PINK hat."GOOD LUCK GOOD FISHIN"

ejc 06-05-2001 09:41 AM


Where is your shop, so we can see the flys

saltydog 07-27-2001 07:25 AM

SORRY for taking so long in getting back ,work,work,work.
the shop is in MARLBORO, FLY ROD & REEL OUTFITTERS ,havent check in in a while.
'good luck good fishin"

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