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Mattb 03-16-2001 01:36 PM

Fly Swap- Pearl Necklace
Here's the fly i tied for the swap:

I picked up the fly these are patterned after down on Harker's Island in a gas station. It was from Flat Out Flyfishing, Brian Horsely's company. The original was tied without the chart bucktail wing, but when we first tied it we didn't have any chart thread handy so we used the bucktail to add some color. Once we got the thread we decided that we liked the bucktail and decided to keep it. I had great luck with this fly at Cape Lookout fishing for albies and it also produced snook,snappers, and jacks down in Costa Rica this winter.

I tie it on a standard mustad 34007in sizes from 4 to 4/0. The 2 seemed to be about the right size for Cape Lookout.

Thread: Chart
Eyes: I use deep see eyes, but whatever you prefer.
Body: pearl estatz medium
Tail: pearl flashabou and grey ghost krystal flash
Wing: VERY sparse Chart bucktail over pearl flashabou and a few strands of silver krystal flash. (Note: The original pattern omits the bucktail)

Instructions: Tie on the eyes then wind the thread down the shank to the beginning of the bend. This gives the whole body of the fly a slight chart. tint under the estatz. Tie in the flashabou and the krystal flash tail here(I cut it twice as long as i want it and fold it over the thread to prevent it from pulling out). Tie in the end of the estatz and wind the thread forward to in front of the eyes and half hitch. Wind the estatz around the shank forward to just behind the eyes and tie off. Next flip the hook over and tie in the flashabou, the krystal flash, and the bucktail on the gap side of the hook. Depending on the profile you're shooting for you may want to make a couple of wraps behind the materials to make it a sort of 'hi-tie'.


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