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hcdk 07-06-2004 03:48 AM

Allround fly!!
evrybody says the allround fly does`nt exist?then try this one!it is one pattern which only wariations are wheigt and size.slooow!!retrive only.imitates shrimp,crab,small fish`s as simple as this:light grey zonker strip tied as a hackle with gold head,lead wire body or no added wheigt-be carefull not to "overdress"3"rounds on a size8 hook is enough.i have caught anything from cod and flounders in saltwater to pike,perch,steelhead and atlantic salmon on this simple pattern,if i shoud strand on an deserted iland,this would defenetely be my choise of an only fly/bait!

flyjkol 07-06-2004 03:33 PM

I too, love this pattern, but what I do different is I make an extended body out of mylar tubing freyed at the end. Grey and pearl have been my top producers.


hcdk 07-06-2004 05:34 PM

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oh yes,i get your drift,but fishing skandinavian waters (denmark-sweden) i have tried different mylar tubing,but with limited succes.maybe because we only have one true warmwater fish,the mullet,that have migratet from the mediterranian in hot summers,and now lives wintertime in the warmwater outlets from power plants and fourage along the coasts in summer. but it is mostly a vegetarian which makes it pretty hard to catch-but what a figter!

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