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TinMan 02-08-2001 09:01 PM

Recipe For Fly At Top of Stony Brook Clave Link?
If you click on <!--http--><a href="" target="_blank"> This Link </a><!--url--> - does anyone have a recipe for those great looking sand eel patterns at the top?

Bob Pink 02-08-2001 09:17 PM

RE:Recipe For Fly At Top of Stony Brook Clave Link?
That's the "deep sand eel" as posted by Juro on this board

Look further down in this section (i tried to hyperlink it but couldn't get to it...)

TinMan 02-09-2001 08:34 AM

RE:Recipe For Fly At Top of Stony Brook Clave Link?
AH! Ok, thought it looked a little familiar. The picture changed it a little so I thought it was a different one.

Challenge for me, but I'm gonna try!

Bob Pink 02-09-2001 09:17 AM

RE:Recipe For Fly At Top of Stony Brook Clave Link?
It's a good pattern to experiment with. The bait we are imitating does change it's coloration depending on the season and the location of the bait. We fished these with lots of deep green/olive and Rainbow angel hair as flash when we were chasing fish in deeper water off the beach. Juro used a version with a light tan / copper back and minimal flash when fishing the flats off Brewster and Monomoy.

The basic pattern is tough to beat. I use white streamer hair as an underwing to give it a little more action and less buildup than bucktail. Experiment and you'll like the results.

striblue 02-09-2001 02:08 PM

RE:Recipe For Fly At Top of Stony Brook Clave Link?
Mike, Juro showed it to me at the clave since the directions in a previous post was a bit complicated to me from the different names to the same materials. Basically, it's 5 to 6 inches or whatever length and I tie it for Big Gurl Bar not monomoy flats. Tie clouser, white or smoke super hair on bottom over eyes then some polar flash and then some angel hair and finish with length of olive super hair. I have experimented with different color flash and angle hair. but that is about it. I have mixed the angel into the olive top as well and I do epoxy the head which I think Juro does not.

FredA 02-15-2001 06:47 PM

RE:Recipe For Fly At Top of Stony Brook Clave Link?
This looks like a good place for a few dumb questions. I've been tying a bunch of deep sand eels, on 1/0, 2/0 and 3/0 hooks. The 1/0 are sparse, 2 1/2 to 3" with little flash and topped with a bit of rootbeer angel hair. The 2/0 are 4 to 5", more flash and rainbow angel hair. The 3/0 are 6 to 7" (rip type) more flash and baitfish or rainbow angel air. Using white or polarbear superhair underneath with chartruse and olive superhair(and tan on the smaller stuff), in various blends and amount on top.

Any recommendations on the color combos?

Considering this will probably be my staple fly how far ahead of myself should I get (how many)?

Johns comments on angelhair topped with olive superhair - hadn't seen that before. Did I read that right? Tied one up and liked it.

Been using the Danville flat wax nylon and really like it. I'm calibrated now so that I can really crank on it without breaking. What types of patterns would I need to consider other threads for?

Thanks and regards,
Fred A.

juro 02-17-2001 07:04 AM

RE:Recipe For Fly At Top of Stony Brook Clave Link?
Hi Fred -

Good questions!

There is a wide variance in the overall dimensions of hook brands but from a Tiemco / Daichi perspective, I use the same hook sizes with an occasional #1 or #2 hook for skinny flats work and an occasional 4/0 rip monster. For the most part, I use 2/0 and 3/0 because even schoolies aren't hook shy most of the time.

That being the case, it's also how the fly is dressed - in terms of length, quantity of material, eye size, etc. As you know I like to tie them so there is so much air resistance introduced by the materials that it has no clouser feel at all when casting. Because we're tossing 8-10 wt rods, they can be cast easily. The slender profile of the fly is just right for balancing the dumbell eyes with material this way and is one of the biggest differentiators between the deep sand eel and it's partial predecessor the deep minnow from Mr.Clouser - no recoil. Well, actually the tying progression is different too, materials, forage represented, proportions, etc - but in the end it's a derivative of the clouser minnow with some of it's slignshot effect tweaked out and applied directly to one of the northeast's principle forage species.

But I digress, the colors...

The two extremes of coloring this fly are "barely visible" and "loud and proud".

When fishing them off Chatham for pig bass in open water, leaning toward the full and naturally colored ones makes sense. If you look in the water sand eels are a brilliant emerald color in open water, sides gleaming, etc.

When fishing a dog day afternoon on Monomoy in July, I am fishing flies in the 4-6" range but tied with materials that just suggest a worthy profile in (on) the sand. Any flash is angel hair weaved into synthetic near-clear materials that are just a tone off the sand tone.

Two variations are root beer and olive, buried sand eels can sometimes be as brown as coffee with cream. Even then there is usually a light chartreuse streak between the dark back and the silvery flanks and the eye, albeit small, is prominent.


I layer the colors to be clear white on the bottom, transitioning to either a pearl flashabou or silver angel hair weave into the ultrahair in the middle, then a hint of chartreuse before an emerald or rainbow angel hair weave into olive ultrahair for the back.


Clear as could be on bottom, a few sparse strands of pearl or silver weaved in but not necessary into the main core, then a layer of a very subtle seafoamy green color I've found once in a rare while (and I buy out the peg). The test is to lay it on a piece of sand colored rug to see if it's subtle, yet suggestive - not at all loud.

80 percent of the deep eels I tie are somewhere in between the two extremes, which will get you through most days - even on the flats.

Let's do some tying together this season Fred! The spring NE clave comes to mind.


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