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Pete 04-22-2000 09:06 AM

Flashabou Source.......

Thought I'd pass along some info regarding my craft store rummaging. Went to Michael's craft store in West Springfield the other day to pick up some yarn for caddis sparkle pupas (Caron's Dazzleaire - I've been told). But ran across some other interesting items. One of them was a saltwater flashabou substitute. This stuff is called - Shimmering Strands - and comes in a 2 ounce package. The rest of the packaging calls it - 'The folio collection by Amscan'. The cost for the packages was $2.19 and it literally contains the same amount of material as 4 or 5 packages of material that you'd get in a fly shop. I picked up a pearl and a mettalic green - but they had red, purple, black as well. This is not the same as the common green easter egg basket material - that stuff isn't mettalic. This stuff was off to the left of the registers, but I do not know if other Michael's craft stores are similarly set up.

I also picked up a balsa dowel - for poppers, a couple of skeins of yarn, small beads for caddis patterns, felt and sheets of foam for crab and gurgler patterns, and some small braided mettalic tubing with the cotton core for streamers (10yds - $0.99).

I know many of you are already aware of the craft store for materials, but this was the first time I have run scross the SW flashabou. There were also big plastic eggs to use in the bottom of the stripping basket and the fabric paint was on sale ($0.77/bottle). Since the weather is miserable and fishing is not in the cards, a trip to the craft store might provide a welcome break from chores around the house.


juro 04-22-2000 09:10 PM

RE:Flashabou Source.......
Hi Pete -

Boy you aren't kidding, the craft store provides a new frontier in materials reconnaisance techniques. Although your report leaves few stones unturned, I'd add that those large doll needles with the bluntish points and large eyes make great nailknotting tools for the fly box. The felt they carry is the best, bar none for crab patterns IMHO.

Some even carry zap-a-gap!

happy sleuthing,

ssully 04-22-2000 09:12 PM

RE:Flashabou Source.......

Thanks for the tip. I know this is FF board and all but I have a non-FF question for you. I can't seem to find the Katlin's 3/8 oz. bullet style jig heads. Doug even found and gave me their website but I don't see them listed. I'm hoping they aren't out of production. I'd hate to lose my go to locator pattern.

Please refresh my memory did you buy them locally or was it mail order. Thanks in advance.

Pete 04-22-2000 10:33 PM

RE:Flashabou Source.......
Sully and Juro,

Yeah, craft stores are full of interesting things, it has gotten to be a running gag with my wife, I am the one that wants to go in there, and when I do - she has to practically chase me out the door.

Sully - about those Kalin jig heads - I think I got the majority of them from Outdoor World (1999) and another earlier shipment (1998) from the Cabela's Saltwater/Marine catalog. I was running pretty low during the first year, so I went and picked some up at Spag's in Shrewsbury, MA - if I remember correctly. As far as jig-heads go those were the best. Their best assest is being razor sharp hooks right out of the package, their biggest drawback was the price and quantity per pack (3). Oh yeah - I think Red Top in Bourne carried them as well [just remembered] - they were a tad bit higher priced, but they had quite a selection, especially in the bigger sizes. Maybe if you are going to get some Yozuri plugs you can stop in and pick up some of them too [img]" border="0" align="middle">.

Juro - don't know if I'm going to be able to go to Mexico after all. I think I have a job lined up and taking the time off wouldn't be an option. Unfortunatley, that means I will not get to rent a panga for a couple of days of dorado and rooster fishing <img src="[/img] and there won't be a story or pictures for the site. BTW, the job isn't in my chosen area of study, but with a computer company (kind of strange how things turn out sometimes!).


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