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skookum 11-14-2000 02:28 AM

A Scary Rumor
Hey guys, I hope this is just a false alarm, but maybe someone out there knows more about it. I hear that there may be an emergency closure of the Skykomish, Snoqualmie and Stilly this spring--as in, no catch and release season for wild steelhead in March and April. Anyway, like I said, no confirmation on this yet, but if it's true, we need to find out why and what we can do about it. I don't want to freak anybody out, but I'm a little worried just thinking about it. Anybody else heard about this?

juro 11-14-2000 08:20 AM

RE:A Scary Rumor
Hmmm... I'm so out of touch being out here now. Wonder if it has to do with census taking offshore, or if there was a corresponding low in the smolt year for the majority of this returning class. Is there a link to the native endangered status that is restricting some of the columbia tribs?

I have a couple friends who work for WA as state biologists... let me see if I can find contact info...

skookum 11-14-2000 06:57 PM

RE:A Scary Rumor
Okay, still no confirmation other than more rumors flying around the Internet. I e-mailed the WDFW with questions regarding if this is true and what their methodology is for run size estimate--if what I hear is correct, they are basing this year's projected numbers on depressed runs the last two years. Of course, this--as we all know--is a faulty method due to fluctuations in both ocean and post-spawn river conditions. I also called our Region 4 biologist and left a message, but have yet to get a response from either contact. I will let you guys know if I find anything out, and please post any info you might have here. This is something we should all be concerned about. Thanks for your help.

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