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doug 03-26-2000 09:18 AM

crab fly questions
Either I'm brain-dead and/or stupid....where did that Chris Mountain gold colored crab go? I'd like to copy it...but in few green shades.
A second question to add to that....if Chris could do you get such a life-like shape?? A mold?? What do you make the mold out of? If so, do you spray the mold with something so the crab doesn't stick?
Juro...I like your crab patterns as about a "hands on" lesson in tying them?
Doug B.

juro 03-26-2000 09:47 AM

RE:crab fly questions
Doug - Absolutely! I'd be very happy to show you that really easy tie. I used to stack deer hair, or layer and crosstie synthetic hair, then I thought "why bother?"... the easy one works better than the rest for me.

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Do you go to any of the tying get togethers in Burlington?

doug 03-26-2000 05:03 PM

RE:crab fly questions
Juro,, I haven't gone to a Burlington Fly Tyers meeting...yet. I think Lefty Kreh is paying them a visit pretty soon....yes/no??

Oh yeah....I took walk along the banks of the Merrimack River this morning ( where you gave me a casting lesson ).....only fish activity was 3 or 4 inch hornpout ( or some catfish family member )milling around. Water is very stained.

Saw a couple of pheasants on the way in.

Doug B.

Bob Pink 03-26-2000 07:50 PM

RE:crab fly questions
I agree, Chris's crab is a very nice pattern. I e.mailed him directly to get some additional info and he very generously responded as follows:

"I actually got the idea for the crab flies at one of the flyfishing
shows. The E-Z shape booth had some similar flies tied by an unknown
bonefish guide in the Bahamas. I really can't take full credit for the
fly. But here is what I do."

First, I squeeze the E-Z Shape (Pearl) onto some wax paper and make a
quarter sized disc.

I let that set up, then peel it off the wax paper.

Next I trim the rubbery little disc to a crab shape. This will be the
belly of the crab.

Now I tie some small hourglass eyes opposite the bend of the hook, right
behind the hook eye.

I put the crab belly on the table, squeeze a small amount of Gold E-Z
shape onto the belly (just enough to put a thin skim coat over the piece)
and work the hook onto it.

Now I lay the Grizzly hackle onto the wet coat of gold, pop on some mono
eyes, and then add more Gold to fill out the crab shape and cover the
ends of the hackle the mono eyes and the hourglass eyes.

Its a fast and fun fly to tie.

Doug, I've tried it myself and although I'm not very fast with the assembly, you can create some great looking flies.
Thanks again Chris

Bob Pink

ssully 03-26-2000 08:49 PM

RE:crab fly questions

Scroll down a few lines. It's under this post.

Chris Mountain's SWFF Entries

Thanks Bob and Chris for the details.

doug 03-27-2000 04:44 AM

RE:crab fly questions
Bob and Sully,
Thank you! Can't wait to give it a try!
Doug B.

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