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Lefty 03-09-2000 09:26 PM

Some Ray's Flies
Ok I wanted sparse. Here's some Ray's flies. Top one is standard. Then I had to fool around with the recipe. It has less white, some grey bucktail, some blue in the body wrap and a red gill effect.


Lefty 01-02-2001 09:34 AM

RE:Some Ray's Flies
Will move the image. See next post.

Lefty 12-12-2001 10:35 AM

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Ok, uploaded the image to the forum.

fish-head 12-27-2001 08:03 PM

I have never tied any of these look great . My question is how does the peacock hearl hold casting these , say if you wanted to use the water to load your rod to get more distance ? than's Fish-head

Sprocket 12-28-2001 06:50 AM

I've used that pattern a lot this past season - the hurl holds up pretty well for the abuse/use I've given mine. It's an easy fix too, if you want to repair/replace damaged stuff.

good looking bugs BTW

Be sparce with the yellow - it can overpower the fly quickly. I've used fluorescent green & blue in some of my variants, they too can overpower. I like to top it off with olive & hurl no matter what colors I use on the rest.

good luck with 'em

Castaway 01-04-2002 06:04 PM

Rays Fly
I use this pattern quite a bit in the early spring. They say sparse is better, so... I have tied up a dozen full. In the spring I'll report back on the success. I've had very good luck with a gold wrap on the shank and gold thread. Perhaps Lefty could advise how the red gill worked.

Lefty 01-06-2002 07:49 PM

I have no results yet on the red gill effect. Last season went pretty much like this:

Sparse Chart clousers in the spring
Deep Eel (AKA:Real Eel: Olive sand eel patterns) June and July
Regular Rays pattern to grab a few finnicky schoolies on the flats during the dog days,
then the wide Juvis to finish the fall blitzes.

So I didn't get enough time in with the "Red Rays". Oh well, spring is coming.


Castaway 01-07-2002 07:16 PM

Rays Fly
Lefty,, I think I'll borrow on your red gill effect and tie a few for myself. I'll let you know in the spring. Thanks for the reply.

Willie Gunn 01-08-2002 02:23 PM

Small World
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I came across this thread and was very interested in the fly design and discussion. I have been experimenting tying Temple Dogs.
The dressing is
Hook 1.5" tube. I make mine from cotton swabs.
Equip with a piece of silicone tubing and single or treble tube fly hook according to taste or rules.
Thread Black
Butt Yellow wool (I use the underfur from the icelandic sheep used for the wing)
Body Silver tinsel
Rib Oval silver tinsel
Body hackle Brown cocks hackle
Wing Polar bear, icelandic sheep (yellow and orange), peacock herl
Front hackle Furnace hen hackle
Cheeks (optional) Jungle cock
Head Black.

If I can attach a photo you should see the similarity. I to wondered how the peacock hearl would stand to long casting so I am relieved to hear it lasts well.

doogue 01-27-2002 09:44 AM


Your pictures inspired me to tie up some Ray's flies this morning. Thanks.

As for the red gill - I like it. For those who are speed tying consider using a white or a pale yellow thread to tie the tapered head on your fly and then use a fine tip, red magic marker for a red gill effect. If I am going to use white or yellow thread I also put a black stripe on the top of the head. This makes the peacock herl look like it continues to the eye of the hook.

Using markers is an obvious way to add the red gill and I like it because it is quick.



capt_gordon 02-11-2002 09:50 PM

Glass minnows
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Here is the one I thought was kind of original but now remember that there is almost nothing new in flytying:

DFix 02-12-2002 10:06 AM

Mike, IMO it's just as easy to tie in a red gill effect, to avoid bleeding over of marker dye. I can't see white or yellow not sucking dye into the thread outside where it's being colored.

doogue 02-12-2002 04:56 PM

I just use a very fine red marker and all works very well - at least to my liking. To each his own...

Castaway 02-12-2002 08:18 PM

Capt. Gordon, looks like a little clouser action for your "rays". I like that. As a matter of fact, I've used a similar fly on a small hook for winter holdovers on Cape Cod. Works nicely. Even with a little "red gill" "tied" in.

capt_gordon 02-12-2002 09:30 PM

What I do on those is to wrap the head of the fly with HT Rib from Gudebrod. It is wire inside a silver mylar material and gives a nice weight to the head. Then I stick the bugged out eyes on and coat with epoxy. Good albie fly. Only one I used this past year for all my charters.

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