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BiG_aL 06-04-2004 02:49 PM

Need help setting up rod/line
I'm a complete nub and bought a fairly basic rod/reel etc. to see if I like fly fishing.
I'm just wondering if there are specific ways to attach the fly line to the reel, the lead line to the fly line and fly to the lead line.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I dunno my knots but will look them up if you state specific ones.

Smcdermott 06-04-2004 03:48 PM


I highly reccomend that you get a book called "Practical Fishing Knots" by Lefty Kreh and Mark Sosin. It has just about every knot you can imagine for all types of fishing. I believe it is only about $15 so not a bad investment. Most fly shops have it. I would think if you bought the outfit from a shop they will help you out. Some might even in the hope of getting your future business. If thats not possible try finding the following on the internet.

Arbor Knot for backing to reel.
Surgeon's Loop to create a loop in the backing
Double Nail Knot loop in the back of the fly line
Nail Knot for fly line to leader
Clinch knot for leader to fly

Hope that helps.


Bob Pauli 06-04-2004 10:36 PM

A fisherman's must have book.
Joan Wulff's Fly Fishing, Stackpole 1991 is the book I recommend to all fly fishing friends.

The chapter on casting, if I had read it when I began fly fishing, would have saved me 8 years of frustration, pain and cortisone shots.

But the book also covers the basics of everything about the sport from its heritage to casting, tackle, knots, reading water, striking and capturing, wading, ethics, guides and more. If one were to fly fish and be allowed only one book, this is the one.

Don't be put-off by the sub-title, "Expert Advice from a Woman's Perspective." The publisher put it there to attract the large number of new female fly fishers, and there is nothing in the book that does not apply to men.

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