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Lefty 02-02-2000 08:22 AM

Yak Hair Herring (large)

Hook:Size 2/0 Long shank
Thread: 3/0 Monocord White
Body: EZBody wide near front for spreading of Yak Hair
Tail: White Bucktail
Wing/Body: White Yak under and over, Polar Fiber Sides up front, Blue Yak Hair Top with about 6 strands Polar Flash mixed in
Topping: Peacock Herl
Gill: Red Milar Strip 1/8", finer red will do too
Eyes: Prizmatic stick on
Head: finished with epoxy
In working with the Yak Hair, I'm told it's better to cut double the length you need then fold it in half and tie it in. This keeps material from pulling out.

Good Luck,


Lefty 02-24-2000 11:52 AM

RE:Yak Hair Herring (large)
Here's the recipe for my Big Yak Herring pattern.

1. Cut 1/2 to 3/4" long piece of med. size ezbody.

2. Weave onto hook point on one side with just a poke throughs on the ezbody fibers. This will help later on to anchor the body on
one side and put most of the spreading action on the top side so as to not obscure the hook point. Now slide the ezbody up to the
hook shank and pin it out of the way with an aligator clip or something.

3. Tie in white bucktail near the back of shankbefore the bend just like on a deceiver.

4.Slide EZbody back till back end of it just covers Bucktail wrap. Tie down back and knot it off and cut thread.

5. Now we move to the front of the hook. Slide ezbody (front) back from the eye and anchor with aligator clip to get it out of the way
(it should be bunched up good at that point on the top only). Start thread at eye and wrap down to ezbody and back a little. Release
ezbody and anchor good LEAVING 1/3" BETWEEN EZBODY FRONT AND HOOK EYE.

6. Take a small clump of Yak hair approx. 10" long. Fold in half and make a small mark at the exact middle with a pen. Lay the Yak hair
on the hook with the pen mark just in front of the EZbody on the underside. Make about 4 wraps around the middle of the hair and
then fold back and wrap down fold so it's not too bulkie. This fold over keeps the materials from falling off because Yak Hair slides out

7. Next I add some short Polar Fiber to each side to fill in the side a bit.

8. Now add your red gill effect to the side. I've been expirimenting with 1/8" mylar at a 45 dergree angle to get a more vertical gill.

9. Now the top. Tie in some more White or Natural Yak hair using fold method. Then I mix about 5-10 strands Polar flash
with Blue Yak Hair (folded) and tie on top.

10. Top with usual Peacock Herl. Finish nose with thread, glue on large prizmatic eye, epoxy head.

02-24-2000 12:51:36

striperman 02-26-2000 07:32 PM

RE:Yak Hair Herring (large)
Terry nice job... like the sparse look to it!
Started using some yak flys last season and it really is a fish producer.

striperman 02-26-2000 07:43 PM

RE:Yak Hair Herring (large)
You coulda used a nicer quarter

Lefty 02-27-2000 02:41 PM

RE:Yak Hair Herring (large)
Thanks. IT actually was a nice quarter. My scanner software was making gigantic images. I couldn't get the size down without a "resize" in a photo editor. This ruined the resolution. I hope these yak guys cast and fish well.


tomd 03-04-2000 09:31 PM

RE:Yak Hair Herring (large)
what happened to the picture

Lefty 03-05-2000 07:41 AM

RE:Yak Hair Herring (large)
sorry my web server is down! GRrrr.


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