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Pete 01-24-2000 08:53 AM

couple of flies....

[img]" border="0">

Here are a couple of flies that I tied up yesterday, unfortunatley the poppers wouldn't fit in the scanner and they were the best in the lot.

The sand eel pattern:
<b>hook</b>- long-shanked SW hook (this is a Mustad 34011 sz. 1)
<b>thread</b>- Danville Flymaster A - olive (any color really)
<b>bucktail</b>- white, and contrasting color of your choice, I used olive
<b>flash</b>- SW Flashabou - it is stiffer than regular stuff, colors vary in my pack
<b>sharpie permenant marker</b>- similar color to dark bucktail for coloring back of body
<b>prismatic eye, sz small</b>- provides nice eye to give more realism, but you could paint it on or leave it off entirely
<b>lead wire or lead substitute</b>- slightly less than hook shank length
<b>ez shape sparkle body</b>(or substitute <img src="[/img]) - color white sparkle

-Wrap thread onto hook and wrap to bend
-place lead wire on underside of hook and wrap towards eye, covering lead with thread
-tie in small clump of white bucktail, diameter about that of large coffee stirrer
-tie in overwing of contrasting bucktail - about half the diameter of white bucktail
-SW flashabou - one piece on each side, length to end of the tail
-wrap everything down, but you can space out the thread and it will allow the flashabou to shine through
-coat the body with the EZ sparkle paint, you can build it up a little on top and bottom to give it a broader profile, remember that this stuff shrinks approximately 25%. Don't coat it too thick on the sides.
-place an eye on each side
-after it dries for about 1 hour then color the back with the sharpie

<b>Total tying time is about 5 minutes - so you can crank out a lot of these!!!</b>

The other fly is a variation of the Whitlock fly featured in the January Fly Fisherman Magazine. It is tied on a bent 3/0 hook. For pattern recipe you can check the magazine, or if I have more time I'lll post it - gotta get to work


juro 01-25-2000 07:05 PM

RE:couple of flies....
Very cool!

I like the prominent eyes of the baitfish pattern and the complexity in the choice of body materials.

Sand eels imitations look killer. There should be a moratorium on fly patterns developed by fisheries experts!

ssully 01-25-2000 08:30 PM

RE:couple of flies....
Nice job Pete! They look well... like the real thing.

Pete 01-26-2000 06:43 AM

RE:couple of flies....
Thanks guys for your comments.

I really like the idea of putting patterns up here. Seeing what other people use for their striper fishing is great, and it will certainly encourage me to try new patterns.

The digital camera doesn't have a macro lens, so I didn't use it for the photos, instead relying on the scanner - which just doesn't do that good of a job. I'll have to fiddle around with it.


Pete 03-17-2000 11:04 AM

RE:couple of flies....

Here is what I had in mind for the Whilock sheep minnow. These flies are tied to represent larger herring that arrive earlier in the year. Of course they would be effective later on in the year tied much smaller. The flies are tied on long-shanked Mustad hooks (34011's) sz. 2/0, and are tied bend-back style. Saw the flies in FlyFisherman and thought they looked good.

the flies are 6-6.5" long and when wet have a nice tranlucent appearance and maintain a nice profile.


juro 03-17-2000 11:35 AM

RE:couple of flies....
I can't really get the sense of these flies in the image... please send them to me by mid-May so I can check them out

There are some haunts where the herring gather and wait for the tide on the Cape where this fly would be ideal Pete!

timwatts 03-17-2000 01:56 PM

RE:couple of flies....
Those look like two good candidates for a rocket ride into the surf on the end of a new two handed fly rod.

ssully 03-19-2000 08:32 PM

RE:couple of flies....

Beautiful herring imitations! Nice touch with the grizzley hackles for cheeks.

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