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NrthFrk16 05-08-2001 01:10 AM

Emu Spade (Orange)

Thread: Black Danville or 12/0 Benichi's
Hook: 4, 6 or 8 Alec Jackson Spey (Alec has some new low water hooks coming out, can not wait to give them a try)
Tail: Soft Deer Hair such as Mouse Deer
Rear 1/3: 2-5 Strands of Orange Ostrich, Twisted with Gold Wire and Wrapped Forward
Forward 2/3: 2-3 Strands of Black Emu, Twisted and Wrapped Forward
Hackle: Grizzly followed by Orange Guinea

The first steelhead I ever landed came to a Spade and many more have come since then to various variations of one of the greatest steelhead patterns ever. This is one of those variations.

The emu gives it a huge buggy silouhette (sp?) that ostrich and peacock herl can not.

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