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sinktip 05-04-2001 11:48 AM

Purple Spey
Purple Spey

Another of my spey style flies. This one is a very quick tie, looks great in the water and this color combination has been "very very good to me".

Hook: Alec Jackson Spey or Tiemco 7999 or similar
Thread: Red 6/0 Danville
Tail: none
Body: rear two-thirds pearl mylar over red thread front third large purple cactus chenille
Rib: None
Hackle: Purple spey hackle (wound tip first in front of chenille)
Wing: none
Collar: two turns red guinea

chromer 05-04-2001 02:35 PM

Duggan -

Is this your Snake River Special?

(BTW - this color combo has been good to me as well, not too bright, not too dull)

sinktip 05-04-2001 04:55 PM


This is somewhat similar to the Hotpants that I use so much on the Snake but with a few notable changes. The fly pictured in Snake River Autumn is looks more spey style than the version I usually use on the Snake. I believe that I included a Hotpants in my submission of six. If so, I will put it up once Juro gets it scanned in.

I agree with you on the color combo though. I will fish this combination in all but severely low visibility and in all light levels. The three color combinations I usually rely on are Purple/Red, Orange/Red and Black.

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