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flytyer 05-07-2004 09:45 PM

Black Ghost Marabou
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I just finished tying some of my 79 year old father's favorite streamers, which were sent off to his Pennsylvania home this afternoon. The Black Ghost is one of them and dad prefers it with a marabou wing. It is one of my favorite trout streamers and it has caught a lot of trout for me in the east and the northern Rockies.

This one is tied on a #8 Daiichi 2370 hook that was designed by Dick Talleur for streamers.

hook: 6X-8X long limerick bend
thread: black 6/0 or 8/0
tail: yellow hackle fibers
body: black floss
rib: flat silver tinsel (preferably metallic)
throat: yellow hackle fibers
wing: white marabou (origianl used 4 white hackle feathers)

A very effective variation adds 3 or 4 strands of pearl Krystal Flash under the marabou wing for a little added flash. Dad doesn't like the added Krystal Flash, so I left it off this one.

It is also very effective when tied in Zonker style:

hook: 4X-8X long straight eye limerick or round bend
thread: black flat-waxed nylon
tail: yellow hackle fibers
body: black mylar tubing strectched over the hook
throat: yellow hackle, wound
wing: white rabbit strip 1 1/2 times shank length

The Zonker version has the rabbit strip tied down at the head after the yellow hackle is wound. The fly's head is then finished and the thread cut off. The thread is then tied in at the hook bend by pulling the mylar tubing forward to allow the thread to be tied on the shank without covering the mylar tubing. The tubing is then pulled to the rear and flared slightly over the hook bend; but only half way over the tail fibers. The thread is then used to tie down the mylar tubing where it was tied in just in front of the hook bend. Next pull the rabbit strip back so it is taut and it is then tied down by the tying thread. Last, the tying thread is tied off with a whip finish (you may find it easier to use a piece of heavy thread to do this).

Interceptor 05-08-2004 07:15 AM

Nice, an old classic for sure I have used for over 40 years now.


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