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doogue 04-29-2004 06:24 PM

Near Slam
Since I now work on the edge of a nice pond in Manchester, NH I have no excuse for not fishing more often.

Tonight I launched my yak from the dock here at work. In the afternoon I had scouted some areas during my lunch hour and now I had the rod in the yak.

I had rigged up my 5 weight and I was tight to a small bass within minutes. The wooly bugger comes through in the clutch as always.

I had a great night casting flies to submerged trees and into deep pocket water. Or maybe it was into trees and into deep pocket water. The casting stroke was a little rusty.

Final tally, some small bass and a pickerel and a sunfish. The sunfish fought like a champ after inhaling a sculpin. I lost a crappie and therefore did not complete the slam.

Great night and it was good to feel the pull of a fish again. Although I must say that I cannot wait to feel the pull of a cow striper. Tonight was not medicine for that itch.

Spring is springing. Go fish!

flyjkol 04-29-2004 06:39 PM

I ended up doing the same thing at a local lake here in Omaha. There was a driving wind into a rock face, fish every where gorging on the minnow population overwhelmed by 20+ mile an hour winds. The crappie small bass and bluegill were hammering a super wind resistant fly, I should really put it in the archieves, (like a bead head wooly with crystal chenile body, krystal flash tail, and no hackle). I just missed my Midwest slam by one fish a tiger-muskie. I even had a once in a lifetime oppritunity of catching A WALLEYE ON A DRYFLY:eyecrazy:. Of course hooking a fish that small should count as child abuse (5 or 6 inches), but a walleye is a walleye.

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