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JayM 03-30-2004 11:00 PM

Casting Class / Pointers?
Hi all. I started fishing two years ago and came to a conclusion at the end of last year. I've picked up some bad casting habits. It's not a matter of not catching fish, but knowing that I could be better.

Anyone have a recommendation for some sort of class, video or event in the greater Boston area to get some feedback and improve? I'd like to reduce the number of "missed" chances due to poor casting out on the flats.



BARDY 03-31-2004 07:49 AM

Hey Jay
Bears Den in Taunton,Ma are having a couple of casting classes in May. On May 8, 2004 George Roberts and Sheila Hannsen are conducting two classes. One in the morning on basic casting and one in the afternoon on distance casting. I have taken the afternoon class and it was well worth it. On May 23, 2004 from 1-4pm Mark Sedotti is conducting a distance casting class. If you ever seen Mark cast it's amazing. He can cast a 12 inch fly 125 feet no problem. The cost of all classes are $75.00 I believe. You should call Scotty at Bears Den (508-977-0700) for more info.
Good Luck

craig 03-31-2004 08:32 AM

Dave Pearson
If you book some time on the flats with Dave Pearson, he could help you out.

It would be like a private lesson and you would catch some fish too!

juro 03-31-2004 08:39 AM

Hi Jay -

That monster blue still lingers in my minds eye.

I am tuning up for my instructor certification and would be willing to spend some time with you to work on casting. Are you still at my old "alma mater" with big Jim?

Paxton 03-31-2004 09:14 AM

Jay, You can't miss with the recommendations above and "in person" instruction is always better, but if you want a good video, I recommend Lefty Kreh's......I've watched it at least a dozen times and always pick up another bit of info. What I like about his technique is that it's pure physics....small loops, everything efficient and focused on having the line go straight and out. Large loops on the flats are killers to distance and accuracy esp. with the wind factor. Others may feel differently, but it has been helpful to me.
I've witnessed Juro wondering what the heck he would need further for certification as an instructor.

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