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North Island 03-24-2004 01:09 PM

Tulum info needed
Hi All,
Just booked a trip to Tulum in the Yucatan. I've never fished for bones before. So any info on tackle or flies or tactics would help alot!!! One thing I am still not clear on is a licence. Do I need one?

I've done a bunch of searches and gleaned some info but I am still wondering if there is oppurtunities near Tulum?

Thanks N I

juro 03-24-2004 04:17 PM

Can't help you with Tulum particularly... maybe others can.

But if you're new to bones, you might consider our sponsor Randall Kaufmann's magnum opus on the topic. His book is regarded by many to be the ultimate contemporary work on the topic.

All I can say is prepare to develop a severe addiction. Not only do the fish themselves get into your blood but the whole package of airy turquoise waters, white coral sands and mangrove-lined tropical environs are hard to get out of one's mind once it's burned in! :cool:

rooster 03-24-2004 04:24 PM

I fished in Ascension Bay near Punta Allen, about 2 hours south of Tulum two years ago in April. I stayed at the Cuzan Guest Lodge. It was fine for me, good guides, and food. The accomodations were about 2 steps above camping. We fished all around and caught bones, jacks, snook, baracuda, cubrera and mangrove snappers. I had two legitimate shots at permits, but could not get them to eat. I hooked two tarpon (15# size), but lost them both in the mangroves.
Most of the bones were caught on crazy charlies with bead and monfilament eyes. In the real shallow water the beads tended to get stuck in the sand. I ran out of mono eye charlies and ended up cutting the chain bead eyes off with my wire cutter. Sometimes the bright ones were what they wanted, many times a tan/brown with minimal body braid worked better.
Snook were caught on large red/orange flat wings (size2/0).
Tarpon were hooked on standard tarpon flies in drab colors, "cockroach" patterns were popular.
I would imagine the Tulum area would have some of the same species and the same flies would work.
Good luck.

North Island 03-24-2004 05:12 PM

Geat information!
Is it true I will only need a floating line?

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