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juro 03-20-2004 12:13 PM

ohhhhh mannn...... I do got it bad.....

And there's only one cure....

JR SPEY 03-20-2004 03:39 PM

You can see why Andros, especially the West Side, is so popular.

n1gdo 03-20-2004 06:39 PM

Bahamas Aerial View
Juro...I am begging you....please stop....every time you post something like this I start checking internet airline prices and hotel rates.....

What a beautiful shot...nice to see places I have travelled to from
a different vantage point.

When and where is your next trip....I am trying for early April...

juro 03-20-2004 07:49 PM

Mid April for me... and I am all over the web looking for the best angles as well.

Exuma has a lot of kayak-able venues for DIY when you consider the chain of islands to the north "Exuma Cays" and of course the federal park, a shorter string pointing east from Georgetown that has me fixated, the 1 mile by several long area between the Elizabeth Harbor and Stocking Island recreational area, and opportunities around the most famous flats on the north and south ends.

Deadman's Cay on Long Island is known to be hard sand and very accomodating for the wading angler and a very attractive option. It's also where we plan to hold the ridiculous clave next winter, the Forum's first group venture into the heart of bonefish country on a budget program - unless another area takes precedence.

Grand Bahamas is also alluring, there are four distinct DIY areas that look very promising and would fill up a stay with adventure while providing lots of amenities along the Queens Highway from end to end.

Eleuthera and it's surrounding islands like Spanish Wells are very attractive as well, so many islands so little time!

All things being equal I'd like to go to Crooked Island or Acklins where few have tread, or fish the famous Andros bights - but since I will not have the funds for a proper lodge on this exploratory mission I will have to opt for more humble accomodations and aspire to stay in them next time.

This time it's exploration on a shoestring, and there's a certain appeal to that for me.

Stevo 03-24-2004 03:24 PM

What a fantastic photograph!

Acklin/Crooked Islands just out of shot... I never cease to be amazed at pictures like that.

Sure wish it was that clear when I was last there! :smokin:

gammarus 03-25-2004 01:19 AM

Abaco! I fished cherokee sound on foot last November. Lots of big bones, noone else in sight, and only $99 from Florida. I stayed at a house a friend uses for his travel business. I would have recommended it for your group trip next year, but he'll only book to parties that want the full deal (guides, food, etc). Check out some of the pics at . The bblack guy in the photo's isn't our guide, it's me. ;)

Loopy 03-26-2004 09:48 AM

If I was to choose a sot for strictly DYI, it would not be GBI! If you have youor own flats boat and someone to share the poling, it would be ok.

I started thinking about using your kayak. You could get all over the north side, but wading in the marl would not be any fun all day. The fish on the south or beach side are not frequent enough. So unless you are going to fish from the kayak rather than just using it for transportation, the productive fishing on the north is still not going to be readily available.

I have fished on Great Exuma and wading is excellent. On Great Abaco Cherokee sound has a good reputation (as above), but I think you need a boat and guide for the Marls and I would want to go over to Mores Island. You could also rent a cottage in several places and some come with a small boat so you could ge to fishable beaches yourself.

I think for DIY, from what I have read Eleuthra is excellent and probably the one I would choose first. Second would be Long Island (I have a friend I would pump for local knowledge) and third would be Cat Island but the latter would require a lot of info gathering.

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