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striblue 03-19-2004 03:25 PM

Two Bonefish flies - For Soucie Book
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Gary Soucie has asked that I tye up two bonefish flies for his next book which is on "Muddlers". I have not seen his other books. I thought I would post them here as oppose to the regular Public forum since they are suppose to be for that book. These are both scissor cut and not razored and are exact copies of both these flies originated by Tim Borski and in Veverka's book on saltwater flies. He asked me to tie them because he could not pin Borski down. The slider eyes are painted yellow and black with hard as Hull over them and the shrimp is burnt 30 pound mono, dipped in black paint and dipped in epoxy.Here is the Bonefish Slider:

striblue 03-19-2004 03:26 PM

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..... and the Deer Hair Shrimp.....

juro 03-20-2004 12:46 PM

John -

Could you please post the recipes?

I tie the slider often but the shrimp looks very interesting for a 2004 addition to the box.


striblue 03-20-2004 01:28 PM

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Sure..I should have done that at first...The Slider:

-Hook- Borski uses a #4 Mustad 344007... I used a bigger #4 Gamagatsui (because of the photo's).
- Thread- White Danville.
- Wing- Pearl Krystal flash over tan craft fur barred with olive color.
-Hackle- Long Grizzly hackle Olive, palmered over the rear half of the hook, trimmed on bottom.
- Eyes- Lead medum or large (I used Large for the photo's), dipped in yellow paint then eye dotted with black pupil, Then hard as hull after it sets.
-Collar- Dark natural deer hair.
-Head- Natural dark and light deer hair ,spun and trimmed flat on the bottom. The finished head should look mottled, coloration can be added with marking pen. I mixed the light and dark deer hair so did not need to mark with a pen.

Deer Hair Shrimp-

Hook- Tiemco 811S, #1
Thread- white danville.
Tail- Tan craft fur.
Legs- long tan hackles.
Body- Natural deer hair, spun and clipped.
Eyes- Burnt mono.
Undersude- Clipped deer hair body barred with Olive marking pen.

Tip... the eyes were also dipped in black paint, done on 30 pound mono and the dipped in Epoxy... let set and then cover with hard as hull... This is key since the acid on your fingers will dull the eyes. Cut them each with about 2 inches of play... tye them in IN FRONT of the deer hair head Tye them secure but not so you can not move them to adjust the length... then pull them toward the hook shank to get the length and trim carefully the excess.. They should stick out from the shank. see phot below from a top down angle to see how the eyes end up.I am sure you can tye them in differently by simply tying them in along the hook shank and have them pop out in front. It is just, for me, it would interfer with the hair spinning.

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