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marketic 03-09-2004 09:31 PM

Yamaha F150?
I threw a rod last weekend. My Evinrude 150 Hp FICHT finally succumbed to the FICHT virus that seems to have eaten alive so many of the the pre-Bombardier FICHT motors.

So I pinched my nose and went for an F150 Yamaha Four Stroke.

It's a new entrant in the Yamaha line up. Anybody out there have anything good, bad or indifferent to say about this motor?

They're putting it on my boat as I write so it hasn't gotten wet yet. Thanks for any feedback out there

Eddie 03-10-2004 06:41 AM

let us know how you like that motor. I suspect that yamaha will sell a lot of them.

Steelheader69 03-10-2004 04:18 PM

So far, so good
I know quite a few guys who have 4 stroke Yamaha's. My Dad has one of their kickers. LOVES IT!!!!! But all my buddies (they're almost all jets) can't praise them enough. The few that have actual skegs/props on them have been delighted as well.

From the one's I've used, I think you'll be in love. I'm planning on buying a new Northriver once I'm back to work. Going with a 200 hp Yamaha on mine. Tried out the same boat equipted as such, and was amazed.

FrenchCreek 03-10-2004 07:53 PM

I've had 4 years of trouble free performance with my 100HP Yammy-4/S...
And I do zero maintenance other than the year end winterizing at the shop...
I'm sure yours will do as well and bring many happy hours of propwashing!

Rip Ryder 03-24-2004 10:52 AM

Ya can't kill'em !!
I have been using the Yamaha four strokes commercially now for 3 years. I have one set of F115s on a 24' boat with 1500hrs and still running fine. All three of our boats, which we use to shuttle the fisherman to Monomoy Island in Chatham Ma, have Yamaha four strokes. All I have done to them is routine Maint. oils, plugs and filters every 100hrs. You pay a bit more for the 4 stroke, but you get much, much more in reliability and longevity in the end.

Plan on having your F150 for a long enjoyable time!

Capt Keith
Monomoy Island Ferry
"Rip Ryder"

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