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flyfisha1 03-01-2004 11:08 AM

Needed for a weekend: Rio 11-wt. Shooting Heads
Is anyone willing to let me borrow their 11-wt. shooting heads (28') for a weekend? I'm trying to determine if the 10-wt. heads are too light to load my 1208-4; so far, it sure seems like it. I'd be willing to pay shipping both ways, and of course would take extremely good care of the lines while casting.

hnl 03-02-2004 10:39 PM

I have a Rio shooting head, 11wt 30ft (there is no 28ft Rio) Inter 333 grains AquaLux (clear). Triple nail knot loop. Tried casting with it once - probably 3 casts - hated it. My first attempt with shooting head - will never try again. Will sell for $15 and I will pay for shipping. This makes more sense than borrowing. It will cost you $8 in postage to borrow.

juro 03-03-2004 05:47 AM

Sounds like a deal... I'll take it if you don't.

Hnl - I would venture to guess that you hated the line because you cast it like a regular fly line. With a shooting head one can not allow the release of running line into the cast until the very last backcast before your final forward stroke. If you do the thin running line will not be able to turnover the head and things will come apart at the seams loop wise.

If it's 333 grains it's light for the Atlantis at 30ft but might make a good chop n' splice line for something I am doing.

flyfisha1 03-03-2004 10:04 AM

hnl - I'll be more than happy to take you up on that offer (to buy the line); please PM me details on how you'd like to receive payment and we can go from there.

Eddie 03-03-2004 01:26 PM

i have that rod, and i liked a 250gr. head on it. at first it feels as if it is not loaded up, but it is at the tip.
have you tried different teeny lines on it to see what grain weight you like on the rod?
i suppose it would also depend on what flies you were casting.

flytyer 03-03-2004 06:02 PM


The 1208 works well with a saltwater taper of 13 wt., so I think you're not even going to be close with an 11 wt shooting head. Keep in mind that 2-hand rods designed for spey lines are moving and casting a lot of wt, even in the light line sizes like your 1208. A Scandanavian head in 7/8 or 8/9 cut back to 37 or so feet should work and might be the best way to go.

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