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paul locke 02-17-2004 07:22 AM

interchangeable body tube flies
has anybody come across these? they have been pioneered in scandinavia as a result of mistake by a flytyer who did not have detailed instructions for tying loop bottle tubes and 'morrum'[this is a type not a make] tubes. he tied a head onto the fine plastic instead of the metal and the put the metal body behind the head and by chance created the interchangeable body system. it has now been taken a stage further in that the prime mover in all this has had special metal bodies made in a variety of weights and shapes and colours. i did not get much chance to use them last year due to low water but from what i did i am confident they will have a place in the salmon fishers armoury.

BobK 02-17-2004 09:18 AM

Yes, Paul,
I recently purchased an HMH fixture for tying them. It's a "universal" fixture, and can be used with any vise. There is the "starter" kit with the fixture and several pieces of tubing and "junction tubing" (to be used to hold the hook securely).
Its cost is just under $20 US.

They also offer a "deluxe" kit which contains the "starter" kit, plus some more tubing, and a video showing how to tie "convertible" flies, which is good information. This sells for roughly $44 US

These so-called "convertible" flies are neat - by dressing the hook in different fashions, you can convert the tube head into a number of useful options to enhance patterns.

Just picked up mine (I got the "deluxe" version for instructions), and will start tying 'em up!!

In fact, in a pinch you can even use cotton swabs for tubes - just make sure they have the hollow plastic handles, not the paper handles!!

Should be fun!



Philster 02-17-2004 09:03 PM

You two are talking about two different tube fly related issues. Both are cool and fun, but they are different.

Paul, Hunter's angling now sells drilled out cones that fit either narrow or large (1/8th inch) tubing, so you can tie the "russian bullet" type flies that same guy talks about easily.

Another thing I've been experimenting with is leaving an eigth inch extension on the front of all my tube flies, and carrying a variety of weighted lead eyes tied to short sections of junction tubing. Just slip the one you want onto the fly you want if you need a little help getting down. Junction is available in clear, chartreuse, pink, orange, red, so I also have unweighted sections in the box. Egg sucking weighted or unweighted flies in a second.

It's all so much fun, gotta make time for fishing!:chuckle:

BobK 02-24-2004 07:07 AM

Right on!
Yeah, I tie up a variety of these, heads with different weights of eyes on, and in a variety of styles. Love the variations you can come up with by dressing the hooks in a variety of styles!


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