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Salmon Chaser 02-15-2004 09:54 PM

A.P.B by Salmon Chaser
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Hey guys.
Macspeys been putting a few flies up so i thought i would add one of mine.
Its called the APB and was originated for salmon on the West River, PEI Canada as those fish love orange flies. Also had thoughts of Margaree as it was in development and did indeed take its first fish at "Swimming Hole".
To keep it short, APB came about when a salmon moved through a pool at about 15mph and went straight out of sight. A friend said we may have to put an apb out on that salmon. As i was coming up with this fly, that day stayed with me and that is the name i put on the fly.
A few years later i met my future wife, her dad's name was Anthony Patrick Burton! Tony died from cancer three years ago and while the name of the fly remained the same, the meaning of APB was switched to remember my father in law. RIP
Nothing new under the sun, i know, but this is my twist on a standard Atlantic Salmon hairwing. Hope you like it.
Salmon Chaser
aka Dwayne

macspey 02-16-2004 07:38 AM

Looks like a winner! Would do well on a couple of "orange-fly" rivers I fish in NF.

Salmon Chaser 03-03-2004 01:12 PM

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Playing around and changed a few things. First, front and rear 1/3 of the body was changed from Oval gold to copper and a flat tinsel was added to the rib. Also wound body with schlappen.
Thanks for looking lads.
Salmon Chaser

flytyer 03-03-2004 06:06 PM

Ever think of going all the way to a true spey conversion by tying the schlappen at the rear of the body and using bronze mallard instead of squirrel for the wing?

I like both of the versions you posted. Nicely tied indeed!

Salmon Chaser 03-03-2004 10:43 PM

Thanks Flytyer.
Hello flytyer, thank you for the kind words. Great forum and very good group of tyers here! I took your advice and added schlappen to the entire body. Also added an extra rib of oval gold so now it is wrapped front and back of flat gold rib. I left my base wing the same, only about 2/3 the original length, and added Mallard as you suggested. The only mallard i have at present is died brown to tie the Thunder and Lightning pattern so that is what i substituted for the squirrel. I like it alot and as always, can tweak it here and there as i see fit. Will post this new version soon. Thanks again
Salmon Chaser

flytyer 03-03-2004 11:12 PM

Another thing you can do with the wing is use schlappen. G.P. breast feather, dyed G.P. tippet, dyed Amhearst tippet, or dyed G.P. saddle feather strands instead of hair for the underwing. This way your wing would be composed of the peacock sword, the dyed feather strands, and then the bronze mallard over. This would make for a more mobile and even more attractive wing.

You should post the fly with the changes so that everyone can see what these material and hackle placement changes do to the overall look of the fly and why I asked if you had thought of tying it with those materials.

Salmon Chaser 03-08-2004 08:33 PM

never satisfied.
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Evening lads.
As promised here is the fly with a few more changes. as you can tell, I am new to spey flies and havent quite gotten the winging procedure down yet, small head(Doesn't matter to me so dont expect much smaller fellas) and my body hackle may be a little "thick" for some tastes. As a whole, I like this latest look and think the fish may agree....time and a warmer climate will tell the story. Hope you like it guys and suggestions/criticism are welcomed.
Have a good night.
Salmon Chaser

flytyer 03-08-2004 09:09 PM

This is a nice looking fly, I really like the color combination. For someone who hasn't been tying spey flies very long, it is impressive.

To "thin out the body hackle", simply strip one side of the schlappen feather, which should be tied in by its butt.

To my eye, the tail needs to be just barel;y past the bend in length on a spey fly; therefore, I'd shorten the tail a bit.

I'd also lengthen the mallard wing slightly so that is as long as or a bit longer than the tag.

Small heads are produced by using only the bare minimum number of thread wraps to hold a material in, almost always only 3-5 turns of thread. Don't worry about the seeming lack of durability with so few thread wraps because when used properly, 3-5 turns of thread holds just as securely as 10 turns. And if you put cement on the wing and cheek butts before whip finishing, it reduces the head size quite a bit and cements the materials to each wrap of thread individually creating a very strong and durable fly.

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