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juro 02-12-2004 06:16 PM

Aruba Bonefish Club
Well, it's about that time that prepare for my first trip under the pretense of a family gathering to the tropical island of Aruba. Of course thinking of Aruba as a bonefish destination is like calling Nebraska the fish and chips capital of the country, but based on the hilarious (laughing with not at) antics of these guys from (I think) Seattle and their brown woolly bugger adventures and a scarce cookie trail of other accidental bonefish sightings on the internet, I am driven to do the dirty deed on my trip.

To get a real appreciation for this anti-destination's ranking in the bonefish nation, I would suggest reading this account from two trout/steelheaders:

:hehe: I love that report.

Well, look out arashi here I come!

If anyone has anything to add to this landmark account of bonefishing in Aruba, please chime in... you could be a pioneer and not know it!

juro 02-12-2004 06:19 PM

This' just in...

Someone posted on an Aruba information BB asking about bonefish....

>cricket< >cricket<

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(this is gonna be fun)

FredA 02-16-2004 10:57 AM

Looking forward to your report. I know that if anyone is going to break the code (if there's any code to be broken) to Aruba flats fishin, it'll be Juro.

Places the locals took me while there on business:

Bria Del Mar - on the water in Saveneta, I believe. Stop for lunch when out and about. Get the Aruban seafood dinner.

La Petite - in town. Argentina beef served while still cookin, on a stone - yummie.

Good way to learn the lay of the land is to take the jeep safari tour. They have one all day deal where you do the jeep tour and then go over to De Palm island for a cookout, snorklin, etc. Bring the rod, pick the brain of the locals.

Check out Baby Beach, I here there's bonefish there.

Pretty safe place and the Arubans are great but...
Watch your valubles in your room and around the resorts. Most of the service people are from off island.

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