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Brad 02-10-2004 12:35 PM

Andros Flies
What is your short list of must have flies for South Andros in March? I have Charlies, Gotchas and worms covered. What about Puffs? How much time would you spend on crabs.


flytyer1948 02-10-2004 02:01 PM

I would also carry some small (#4 and #6 Clousers) in chartreuse over white, pink over white and tan over white.

Some weighted and unweighted epoxy shrimp patterns in tan.

Small crabs in 4 and 6 in tan and tan/brn.

All of the above flies work just about anywhere.

Adrian 02-10-2004 03:32 PM

I would tie a few of these for those last resort situations when tailing fish are being uncooperative/ultra spooky...

Its a Pflueger Hoy - you can find the original recipe in Dick Brown's book. The Body is palmered hackle, tail is hackle fibres or marabou and the wing is marabou.

Lands like a "feather" and does a great immitation of a crab for tailing fish. Soak it first otherwise it will float like a cork!

Some of the crabs on Exuma apparently have a blue tinge on one claw, most that I have seen were a sandy pink/tan with a deep mauve/brown claw, so you can play around with different color combos.

Hope you meet lots of 10lbers - let us know when you get back :)

Capt. Mel Simpson 02-11-2004 12:29 PM

On my many trips to Andros, fishing the Middle Bight with guide Ivan Neymour, I had the best luck with the #4 Tan Charlies. More recently I added a small tan grizzly to each side of this fly and have had very good success with it both at Bimini and in The Keys.

It is such a versatile fly, you can use the same fly with different sizes and different colors of beadchain eyes and different types and colors of wings, etc.


chrishm 02-12-2004 01:23 PM

Don't forget some more heavily weighted flies if you are going to spendtime on Andros' extra large bones. They're wise and skittish, like everywhere, and they are in water 2-3 ft deep. You have to forego the throngs of smaller fish in big schools in order to have a decent number of shots at big fish, but the tongue side deeper flats hold large numbers of some truly impressive fish. Deep Gotchas, larger brown cluosers, epoxy flies etc should be part of your arseanl if you want to target bigger fish.

Andros is god's gift to the SWFFerman. Have fun, and don't forget some tarpon flies


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