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BearDenWoodshop 02-10-2004 12:03 AM

Stelleheader/Browns 1st Post
Hi guys, I wanted to introduce my self and what a graet board tp do it on. The Great Lakes is my home but I dont see many others in my neck of the woods. I fish the Oak Orchard and Burt Sections of the big Ontario. Has anyone else been to my area. We have an amazing brown trout run and steelhead run in the winter. GReat to meet everyone.

Keith Burtis
"Bears Den Woodshop"

Jere Eshelman 02-10-2004 09:16 AM

Welcome to the Forum
Keith, I'm from S.E. Penna. and did fish Oak Orchard for the first time Last spring. I was practicing with the Spey rods at the big bend down river from the dam. Got into into several winter run steelhead, and one 12 lb. brown. Nice piece of water to swing thru. First time into the area, and as always, feeling my way around. I understand that there are several other streams with runs of steel in the area, and maybe we could hook up this spring and you could give me some direction.
You'll enjoy this forum.


BearDenWoodshop 02-10-2004 09:34 AM

no prob
No problem Jere, I could help you out there. The Big Oak is by far our best waters in the area. We also have a great run of Steelhead in Springville NY which would be closer to you. This is a lake erie trib. I would be happy to hook up some time and go fly fishing.

--Keith B.

BobK 02-10-2004 10:59 AM

THAT should be fun!!!
Especially since two guides just leased the access on both sides of the Oak on most of the flywater!!!

Lots of luck! I'm thinking of going down and watching the "resulting altercations" in mid-October! Probably worth taking a video camera, too!:hehe:


Interceptor 02-13-2004 08:42 AM

Hey send me that video will you Bobk ?



BobK 02-13-2004 01:37 PM

Sure thing...
That is, if the police don't "seize" it for evidence in the homicide trial! Maybe even a couple of 'em!


BearDenWoodshop 02-14-2004 12:47 AM

Big shoulders
Im a muscular dude with big shoulders.............

They'll never get the cuffs on
I hope that this crap doesnt ruin oput waters here. I think its a crap shoot for those guys. These are public waters. It should stay that way.

my 2 cents


BobK 02-14-2004 07:46 AM

Well, guess what??
When hit by bullets, muscular dudes with big shoulders quiet right down.

Anyway, the Oak is a sad story. With limited fly water to fish, the pressure has always been very high. (Lots of "frog" water, though!)

And the state has been trying to lease fishing access rights (but the landowner wants to sell the property outright). So, I guess this is his way to protest the state!

Hell, I think the state should just stop stocking the stream, put nets in at the outlet for "brood stock", and just haul 'em off to the hatchery for the eggs.

Then the property reverts to "cheap"!


Slowbone 02-14-2004 12:54 PM

Hi Keith,
I'm a recent transplant to Philly, my prior life was redfishing on the Texas coast. But I did make it up to the Oak in October and November last year -- really enjoyed the water. Had days that that the fish won, but got in some days where I got the better of them. Absolutely a different experience, but enjoyed learning the water and great fighting lukers you grow there.


BearDenWoodshop 02-17-2004 02:39 PM

Slow -- Cool, glad you had a good time. The water is big and fast there. The key is to mend back up into the current to make the fly dive. What kind of flies did you use? I am going to be putting a steelhead fly selection for GL trout on my page. I'll let you know when.


Slowbone 02-17-2004 05:38 PM

Both trips, I fished the lower/middle sections of the river. On the first trip in October, I was fishing the middle section (up across from the leased property) and fishing the deeper gut like everyone else (wolly buggers, glows, just about everything), first time being on the Oak -- I wasn't using nearly enough wgt. to put the flys down where the fish were.

Second day, fishing the same area, but there was good sun and I could see the fish in the guts (and could see my fly going by too high) -- after some wgt and cast leading adjustments -- success! But the real kick for me was that I started to notice alot of fish stacked up in the transition area between the gravel flat and gut only 2-3 ft in front of me. When I stopped to look around, I saw alot of browns stacked up on the gravel flats and that the flyfisherman were standing right on them. Most of the anglers were not wearing polarized glasses and couldn't see the browns right at their feet (really a funny site). After backing up a couple of feet, and getting the wgt right for a good drift along the 1-2ft deep flat area -- I had alot of success sightcasting pheasant tails and princes (landed 12-14 nice toads right along that shallow gravel flat). It was fun to watch all the other anglers start to take notice of the trout at their feet and back up for them also.

November was a completely different story, fished right after a series of storms and the river flow/height was 2x that in October (cholocate milk, no sight casting). Under these conditions, fished the lower part under the trees. It was tough going (4-6 fish each day) glowbugs in the morning and switching to nymphs (size 12-14) from 10am on. Being a newbie to the Oak, I was definity paying my dues --- Plan to get up there in 2004, would like to drop you a line to learn more about how to fish that water. In addition to fall, are there other "shouldn't miss" times to get up there? Glad you joined the forum.

BearDenWoodshop 02-17-2004 11:28 PM

Slow, It sounds to me like you did pretty well. The best thing I can do is pointo ut the spots that hol;d fish. often times it gets real real busy and the areas that hold fish are just swamped. That is the one drawback. I use a lot of my own patterns and like you I have sight fished. The key is to know where they hold and what to get em on. I was there last November and I brought my 11 year old daughter down for the first time. The water was stained so I gave her a purple and yellow wolly. She got into a 18 lb brown that made half the anglers crap their pants. We landid it and proceeded to land 10 - 15 more as the day went on. I love fishing with her and it's fun to watch others hang their mouth open.

Nice to meet you - We should fish next Oct/Nov
Keith B.

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