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juro 09-19-2000 08:40 AM

Putting Gregg onto a summer run...
Since it's gonna be impossible to get out while my good friend Gregg Estey is out there, I would like to ask the hardcore steelhead contingent of the pacific northwest to ensure that Gregg has his shots at the chrome missles during his stay. I will send him out with a box of my best steely flies, and I assure you his reputation as a SCHNAUZER is second to none out in striper country. I think some of that will rub off in steelhead / coho country.

His former life there included huge chums at Hoodsport as well as other venues - but he is a fly steelhead virgin!

Gregg - can you post details so I can help you get things lined up?


Hawkeye 09-19-2000 12:15 PM

RE:Putting Gregg onto a summer run...

You are very kind to speak so glowingly of me though I'm not sure I deserve it. It's too bad we wont be able to hit a stream or two together but I'm sure it will happen sometime. I understand the way schedules are often hard to get a grip on so don't worry about not making it - as I said I'm sure we'll eventually make it happen. I am also very understanding of any reluctance to take a newbie into the inner sanctum of the hardcore steelhead elite. I've got plenty of friends to visit if a "hookup" to visit a steelie stream is not possible.

I will be leaving Boston on the 21st and returning from Seattle on the 27th. My only hard obligations while I'm out there are to clean my apartment, put my stuff into storage, and visit a friend who's daughter is very ill. All of that can easily be managed around the schedule of any kind soul with glacier water in his veins who would be willing to take me under his wing for a day of chasing steel.

Thanks soooo much for the fly offer Juro. How do you want to arrange the handoff? I'll meet you anywhere you like but it will have to be after work hours.

juro 09-20-2000 07:17 PM

RE:Putting Gregg onto a summer run...
Gregg is heading out there tomorrow and will be there until Wednesday the 27th. I'm sending him out with my 7136-4 and a box of flies... can you guys show him a Forum-style welcome?

Brian? Harman? Bill? Anyone?

bill 09-20-2000 09:08 PM

RE:Putting Gregg onto a summer run...
sure wish you could count me in, but Rekha's dad is coming to visit on friday, and it's all i can do to get some time off to meet him at the airport. I haven't even wanted to visit the forum 'cause i didn't want to think of all the fishin i've been missin!
good luck gregg

Hawkeye 09-21-2000 05:56 AM

RE:Putting Gregg onto a summer run...
I'll be away from my internet and e-mail access while I'm gone. If you want to get in touch with me you can get in touch with Juro or my brother Michael ( and they will have a number where I can be reached. If I don't hook up with anyone out there I will still take advantage of Juro's generosity and give the Sky, Cowlitz, or Green a try. Whatever happens I'll post my results.

Thanks to Dave (Bunnyleech) Hunt - I'll call today, and thanks in advance to any others who might have the inclination to take this newbie out. And of course a huge and special thanks to Juro.

juro 09-21-2000 08:40 AM

RE:Putting Gregg onto a summer run...
If it's not too late...

Gregg -

The Skykomish has been fishing well. The Cow is, as usual, loaded with steelhead. The Kalama has a lot of fish in the upper section, and you know how beautiful the upper river is in fall >sigh<. I would also hit the Snoqualmie, Upper Stilly, Green near Palmer, and on the Peninsula - stop at the Elwha, go on to the Sol Duc, the upper Bogey, and the Hoh Rain Forest. That should keep you busy!

Tony says small surface flies have been the ticket, in fact his fish-magnet wife just landed a 15 pound wild summer fish on the Sky the other day!

I would do anything to have the week in steelhead country but it's not in the cards for me this month.

Use some of your striper-schnauzer skills on these fish... especially the Estey rip swing, complete with feed and hangdown - you'll connect.

TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES... some of us are having withdrawls!

andre 09-21-2000 10:45 AM

RE:Putting Gregg onto a summer run...
Sorry I won't be able to get in on this one. I'll be out of town tomorrow returning Monday evening. I'm still thinking of how I'm going to get to the Cleawater/Snake and the Thompson this fall.


Hawkeye 09-22-2000 11:25 AM

RE:Putting Gregg onto a summer run...
Well I've made it out here but a lot later last night than I'd planned. I will have occasional internet access while here so I will post any results. Today is a non-fishing day but one way or another I will be on some stream tomorrow morning either with a tutor or trying to piece together the bits of knowledge I've gleened from various readings, this board, and Juro.

andre 09-22-2000 11:48 AM

RE:Putting Gregg onto a summer run...

Sorry I can't make it but feel free to call me today. I believe Juro gave you my cell phone number? If not 503 816 4476. I'll try to direct you to a couple of places. the Cow has been putting out fish below the BC ramp and over to the island. The island is wadable by my gauge not by Juro's. if you fish the island make sure to fish both sides , the wide side is very productive.

Check the regs on the upper Kalama I don't know if it is open. The lower river will be stuffed with silver and the Beginners hole will have ugly but productive fishing for silvers at very low light.

Otherwise I'll be out of town tonight through Tuesday and not available via cell.

best of luck.


juro 09-23-2000 08:13 PM

RE:Putting Gregg onto a summer run...
Just talked to Gregg, he hit the Elwha today. Inadvertently hooked two big fall chinook, didn't connect on steelhead though. He was told that Washington steelhead just don't hit surface flies by someone at a fly shop in Lacey today!

I just remember riffle hitching three summer fish in four hours fishing on the Sky two Septembers ago, the last time I was out in the fall. I told gregg, skate that puppy and just believe!

Hope someone is able to show Gregg around.


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